Reprint as at 30 January 2021

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Wellington Regional Water Board Act 1972

Local Act
1972 No 3
Date of assent
29 July 1972
see section 1

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.


1Short Title and commencement
3Wellington Water Region
4Provisions relating to Manawatu Catchment District
5Wellington Regional Water Board
6Members of Board
7Representative of industrial users
8Appointment of members
9Term of office of members
10Insurance of Board members
12Filling of extraordinary vacancies
13Ouster of office
14Chairman of Board
15Chairman’s allowance
17Meetings of Board
18Proceedings not invalid by irregularities, etc
19Allowances to members
20Rules as to proceedings of Board or committees, etc
22Officers and employees
23Acting officers
24Power to acquire land and erect dwellings for employees
25Waterworks defined
26Board to construct waterworks
27Local authorities to be notified of work, etc
28Entry on private land
29Restrictions on entry
30Surplus water may be sold for motive power
31Board may purchase waterworks
32Board may contract for water supply
33Drawing off water from streams supplying waterworks
34Offences with respect to waterworks
35Pollution of waterworks
36Factories, etc, may be examined
37Diversion of water from waterworks in case of flood
38Supply of water to constituent authorities
39Appeals relating to supply of water
40Board may operate constituent authority’s waterworks
41Supply of water outside the region
42Constituent authorities not to carry out Board’s functions
43Water collection and forestry areas
45Sale of land
46Forest officers
47Honorary rangers
49Working plans
50Disposal of forest produce
51Licences to take forest produce
52Permits for temporary occupation
53Licences for grazing and other purposes
54Forfeiture of licences and permits
55Certain provision of the Municipal Corporations Act 1954 applied to licences
56Scenic ways and pleasure grounds
57Offences in respect of water collection and forestry areas
58Water supply and forestry bylaws
60Underground Water Act 1953, etc, not to apply to Board
62Appeal against refusal to grant permit or dispensation
63Disallowance of bylaws
64Breach of bylaws
65Charges for water
66Charges for permits in part of region
67Saving of existing bylaws
68Application of Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Act 1941
68AAffiliation with Catchment Authorities’ Association
69General powers of the Board
70Public Works Act 1928 to apply to construction of works
71Land acquired for works to vest in the Board
72Board may purchase land, plant, and machinery
73Contracts for works
74Co-operative contracts
75Board may make compositions
76Compensation payable by Board for land taken or injuriously affected
77Government works not to be interfered with
78Board not authorised by this Act to create a nuisance
79Bank account
80Board may establish imprest account
81Financial records
82Board may establish depreciation and plant renewal funds and reserve funds
83Borrowing powers
84Unauthorised expenditure
85Annual estimates of receipts and payments
86Water supply
87Surcharges for exceeding allocations
88Payment of charges and surcharges
89Calculation of assessments [Repealed]
90Contributions by constituent authorities [Repealed]
91Assessment of contributions
92Appeal against estimate or assessment
93Jurisdiction of District Court
94Production of documents to be evidence
95Payment of assessments
96Powers of constituent authorities in respect of payment
97Powers of Board to recover contributions in case of default
98Superannuation and other benefits for employees
99Preparation of accounts
100Audit of accounts
101Abstract and inspection of accounts
102Abolition of Wellington City and Suburban Water-supply Board
103Abolition of Hutt River Board
104Abolition of Hutt Valley Underground Water Authority
105Transfer of property
106Exemption from stamp duty
107Provisions in respect of transfer of property
108Extending Local Authorities (Employment Protection) Act 1963
109Board may provide sports grounds and recreation areas
111Reserves and Domains Act 1953 not to apply
112Bylaws and special orders
113Time for filing charging document
114Liability for rates
115Board exempt from Fencing Act 1908
116Governor-General may extend time fixed by Act for exercising powers, etc
117Service of notices, etc
118Service of legal proceedings on Board
119Authentication of documents by Board
120Repeals, revocations, and savings
121Saving of existing bylaws
122Existing water rights
123Amendments to other Acts
124Public Bodies Leases Act 1969 applied to Board
Reprint notes

An Act to constitute the Wellington Regional Water Board