Southland District Council (Stewart Island/Rakiura Visitor Levy) Empowering Act 2012

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Part 2
Infringement offences

7  Offences
  • (1) A person commits an infringement offence who—

    • (a) evades the payment of a levy payable by that person; or

    • (b) falsely claims that he or she is not a visitor.

    (2) A person who is alleged to have committed an infringement offence may either—

    • (b) be served with an infringement notice under section 11.

    (3) If an infringement notice has been issued under section 11, proceedings for the offence to which the notice relates may be commenced in accordance with section 21 of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957, and in that case the provisions of that section apply with all necessary modifications.

    (4) In this section and sections 8 to 14,—

    infringement fee, in relation to an infringement offence, means the amount prescribed by regulations made under section 14 as the infringement fee for the offence

    infringement offence means an offence that is declared, by regulations made under section 14, to be an infringement offence for the purposes of this Act.