Wellington Waterworks Act 1871

Reprint as at 1 March 2017

Wellington Waterworks Act 1871

Private Act
1871 No 3
Date of assent
14 November 1871

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this eprint. See the notes at the end of this eprint for further details.


1Short Title
3Power to construct Waterworks
4Powers of Council in connection with undertaking
5Council to do no damage
6Compensation to be made
7Claims to be made within six months
8Amount how ascertained
9Infant claimants
10Council may break up streets &c
11Penalty for diverting water
12Obstructing works
13Assessment to be made
15Rates to be made
16Water supply how regulated
17Rates when payable
18Recovery of rates
19Supply of water to be given on application
20Applicant to deposit cost of pipes
21Persons supplied to provide taps &c
22Penalty for wasting water
23Power to enter houses
24Penalty for supplying water to unrated persons
25Persons laying down pipes may remove same
26Fire plugs to be provided
27Same to be renewed when needful
29Pipes to be kept charged
30Payment for salvage [Repealed]
31Penalty for fouling water by gasworks
32How to be ascertained
33Power to borrow money for undertaking
34Mortgages to have priority
35Power to borrow at lower rates [Repealed]
36Further power to borrow in certain events
37Mortgages how to be made
39Interest how paid
40Power of mortgagees on default in payment of interest
41Council may raise money by debentures in lieu of mortgage subject to regulations
42Council may cause securities to be sold in order to liquidate debentures become due
43Provisions of section forty to extend to debenture holders
44Application of mortgage moneys
45Accumulated funds of Benefit Societies may be invested under this Act
46Account to be kept of moneys borrowed and spent
47Waterworks Account
48Part 11 of Municipal Act to apply
49Council to appoint officers
50Suits against Council
51False oath perjury
52Notices how to be served
54Death of arbitrator
55Third arbitrator
57Time for making award
58Powers of arbitrators
59Declaration by arbitrator
61Damages how to be recovered
62Penalties how to be recovered
63Certiorari taken away
64Limitation of proceedings
65Application of penalties
66Offender not exonerated
68Right of Crown saved
69Act not to interfere with General Waterworks Act to be afterwards passed
Reprint notes

An Act to make provision for the Construction and Maintenance of Waterworks for supplying the City of Wellington with Water and for defraying the Cost thereof.