Michael Connelly Appointment Validation Act 1936

  • repealed
  • Michael Connelly Appointment Validation Act 1936: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).


Whereas by an instrument of appointment dated 9 March 1936, His Excellency the Governor-General of the Dominion of New Zealand, purporting to act under the authority of the Legislature Act 1908, did summon Michael Connelly, Esquire, of Dunedin, to the Legislative Council, to be a member thereof:

And whereas on the said date the said Michael Connelly was disqualified from being so summoned, inasmuch as he was then a civil servant within the meaning of section 2 of the Legislature Act 1908:

And whereas it is desired to validate the said appointment.