Marlborough Agricultural and Pastoral Association Empowering Act 1974


Whereas the Marlborough Agricultural and Pastoral Association is registered as proprietor of an estate in fee simple in the land described in Schedules 1 and 2 which is situated within the Borough of Blenheim:

And whereas the Association is a duly constituted society pursuant to the Agricultural and Pastoral Societies Act 1908:

And whereas the Blenheim Borough Council desires to acquire the said land for recreational sport, parkland, and other purposes:

And whereas the Association holds the land subject to the provisions of that Act which prohibits the intended sale of the land to the Council:

And whereas at a special general meeting of the Association held in Blenheim on 21 September 1971 the Association requested the Council to apply for legislative authority to enable the Association to transfer the land to the Council on condition that the Association will continue to have the use thereof for a number of days each year without charge:

And whereas the Association wishes to invest the proceeds of the sale of the land subject to certain restrictions:

And whereas by virtue of section 7 of that Act the requisite authority enabling the Association to dispose of the proceeds of the sale of the land as it desires is attainable only by legislation.