Public Service Investment Society Limited Act 1998

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2 Interpretation
  • In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,—

    Board means the board of the society

    Company means the company that exists on the registration of the society as a company in accordance with this Act

    Instrument includes—

    • (a) An instrument that creates, evidences, modifies, or extinguishes rights, interests, or liabilities or would do so if it or a copy of it were lodged, filed, or registered under an Act; and

    • (b) A judgment, order, or process of a court:

    Liabilities means liabilities, debts, charges, duties, and obligations (whether present or future, actual or contingent, or payable or to be observed or performed in New Zealand or elsewhere)

    Property means real or personal property; and includes—

    • (a) Choses in action and money:

    • (b) Goodwill:

    • (c) Rights, interests, and claims in or to property, whether arising from, accruing under, created or evidenced by, or the subject of, an instrument and whether liquidated or unliquidated, actual, contingent, or prospective:

    Rights means rights, powers, privileges, and immunities, whether actual, contingent, or prospective


    • (a) Means a mortgage, charge (whether legal or equitable), debenture, bill of exchange, promissory note, guarantee, indemnity, defeasance, hypothecation, instrument by way of security, lien, pledge, or other security for the payment of money or for the discharge of an obligation or liability and whether on demand or not, present or future, actual or contingent; and

    • (b) Includes an agreement or undertaking to give or execute whether on demand or not any of the things referred to in paragraph (a):

    Society means The Public Service Investment Society Limited, a society registered under The Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1908

    Undertaking means the property, rights, and liabilities of the society.