Te Whanau-a-Taupara Trust Empowering Act 2003



The Taupara whanau gifted a block of land, “Waerenga-a-hika”, as described in Schedule 1, to the Crown by deed dated 9 April 1857 for the purpose of establishing an educational trust:


The Crown gifted the lands to George Augustus Selwyn, Lord Bishop of New Zealand, who, by deed of conveyance dated 28 April 1862, passed the Waerenga-a-hika lands upon trust to the Right Reverend William Williams, Bishop of Waiapu; the Reverend William Leonard Williams, of Turanga, Clerk; Ihaia te Noti, Poihipi te Rohe, Henare Kepa Ruru, Wiremu Pere, Matina Ruta Toti, Pita te Huhu, and Te Teira Kupa, all of Turanga, for a school for Maori in connection with the Anglican Church:


The school was destroyed by fire in 1937 and the trust funds were insufficient to rebuild the school:


The Waerenga-a-hika Trust Act 1947 was enacted to extend and vary the trusts and to establish a new board to administer the amended trusts:


The main object of the trust is to provide scholarships for the post-primary education, firstly of children of the Whanau-a-Taupara section of the Mahaki Tribe, and secondly for children of other sections of that tribe:


The objects of the trust provide that half of the trust’s income must be put towards scholarships at schools conducted by the Church of England and that in all other cases preference must be given to schools conducted by the Church of England:


The Anglican Church and the Waerenga-a-hika Trust Board have successfully worked together for many years providing schooling, and educational support and opportunities, to children of the Mahaki Tribe:


It is difficult for the Waerenga-a-hika Trust Board to fulfil its objects, and children must travel further afield than the Gisborne area to boarding schools to take up their scholarships:


The powers of the trustees are restrictive and require all leases of land to be in accordance with the Public Bodies Leases Act 1969:


The trustees desire to—


widen the charitable and educational objects of the trust and widen the powers of the trustees under a new trust; and


ameliorate the restrictive conditions imposed on the Trust by virtue of the Public Bodies Leases Act 1969:


The trustees have executed a deed of trust known as the Te Whanau-a-Taupara Trust, as set out in Schedule 2:


The objects of this Act cannot be attained otherwise than by legislation.