Incorporated Societies Act 1908

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Version as at 1 September 2022

Incorporated Societies Act 1908

Public Act
1908 No 212
Date of assent
15 September 1908
see section 1

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019 have been made in this consolidation. See the notes at the end of this consolidation for further details.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment.


1Short Title
4Incorporated societies
5Pecuniary gain
6Rules of incorporated societies
7How to apply for incorporation
8Steps that Registrar must take if satisfied that requirements met
9Certificate of incorporation to be conclusive evidence of registration
10Upon issue of certificate members to be a body corporate
11Name of society not to be the same as the name of another society or body corporate
11AChange of name
12Appeal from Registrar to Supreme Court [Repealed]
13No liability on members for obligation of society
14Members to have no right to property of society
15Contracts by society
16Service of summons, etc, on society
17Security for costs where society is plaintiff
18Registered office
19Restriction of operations of society
20Society not to engage in operations involving pecuniary gain
21Alteration of rules
22Register of members
23Society to deliver annual financial statement to Registrar
23APower to compromise with creditors and members
23BInformation as to compromises with creditors and members
23CCOVID-19 business debt hibernation may apply [Repealed]
24Members may resolve to put society into liquidation
25High Court may put society into liquidation
26Application to court to appoint liquidator
27Division of surplus assets
28Dissolution by Registrar
29Corporate body may become member of society
30Pecuniary gain received by member of such corporate body
31Corporate body to be equivalent to 3 members
33Registrar to keep register of incorporated societies
34Inspection of documents
34APowers of inspection of Registrar
34BAppeals from decisions of Registrar
35Exemption from stamp duty [Repealed]
37Validation of fees used to recover costs of other Companies Office registers, etc

An Act to make provision for the incorporation of societies which are not established for the purpose of pecuniary gain