Maori Land Amendment and Maori Land Claims Adjustment Act 1926

Reprint as at 5 August 2013

Maori Land Amendment and Maori Land Claims Adjustment Act 1926

Public Act1926 No 64
Date of assent11 September 1926


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this eprint. See the notes at the end of this eprint for further details.

This Act is administered in Te Puni Kōkiri.



1 Short Title

2 Interpretation [Repealed]

3 Amendment of principal Act [Repealed]

4 Amendment of section 7 of the Native Land Amendment Claims Adjustment Act 1925 [Repealed]

5 Authorizing variation of terms of payment of rent [Repealed]

6 Authorizing execution by Maori Land Board of renewed leases [Repealed]

7 Amending section 17 of the Native Land Amendment and Native Land Claims Adjustment Act 1922 [Repealed]

8 Authorizing Maori Land Board to make advances [Repealed]

9 Making provision for Board moneys to be a common fund [Repealed]

10 Amendment of section 417 of the principal Act [Repealed]

11 Authorizing the provisional registration of mortgages to State loan Department [Repealed]

12 Board may be empowered to administer land when rates in default [Repealed]

13 Amending section 140 of the Native Land Act 1909 [Repealed]

Taupo waters

14 Bed of Lake Taupo vested in Crown

15 Payment of annual sum to Tuwharetoa Trust Board authorised [Repealed]

16 Tuwharetoa Trust Board constituted [Repealed]

17 Repeals [Repealed]

18 Reopening investigation of Raumatangi Block [Repealed]

19 Authorizing amendment of title of Puketotara Block [Repealed]

20 Providing for amended description of Rotoiti Scenic Reserve [Repealed]

21 Authorizing readjustment of shares between Hone Tuari's family [Repealed]

22 Authorizing issue of title for Lots 20 and 75, Tahawai Parish [Repealed]

23 Crown may accept gift of Te Koru Pa [Repealed]

24 Enabling rectification of Marangairoa 1D titles [Repealed]

25 Authorizing issue of title for Section 890, Block XI, Bruce Bay Survey District [Repealed]

26 Enabling confirmation of sale of Akura 8C 1 Block. [Repealed]

27 Permitting appeals to be lodged in respect of Tarawera Block [Repealed]

28 Permitting adjustments with regard to the successors to Te Mahuri Rauroha, deceased [Repealed]

29 Enabling further owners to be admitted into title to Kopuni Block [Repealed]

30 Extending time for appeal regarding sheep on Wharekauri 1G Block [Repealed]

31 Enabling Court to exercise jurisdiction with regard to Ohinemutu and Whakarewarewa Villages [Repealed]

32 Enabling rehearing of application to succeed to interest of Waaka te Koi, deceased, in Te Akau A No 5 Block [Repealed]

33 Enabling Tapuinikau A and Tapuinikau B2 to be created a scenic reserve [Repealed]

34 Enabling exemption of Native land from liability for rates [Repealed]

35 Chief Judge may refer matters in Schedule for report [Repealed]

Schedule 1


Schedule 2


Reprint notes

An Act to further amend the laws relating to Maori lands, and to determine certain claims and disputes in relation to Maori lands, and to confer jurisdiction upon the Maori Land Court and the Maori Appellate Court and for other purposes