Local Legislation Act 1927

  • This version was replaced on 2 May 2017 to make a correction to section 49(2) under section 25(1)(j)(ii) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Local Legislation Act 1927

Public Act
1927 No 58
Date of assent
5 December 1927


1Short Title
2Authorizing Manukau County Council to pay for certain lands acquired in connection with Tironui Railway-station site
3Conferring on Matamata County Council certain powers with respect to a gravel reserve
4Validating expenditure of loan-moneys by the Uawa County Council
5Validating expenditure by Castlepoint County Council of certain loan-moneys borrowed for workers’ dwellings, and empowering Council to recoup General Account
6Varying purposes of expenditure of certain loan raised by Weber County Council
7Authorizing diversion of portion of loan by Oroua County Council
8Empowering Selwyn and Ellesmere County Councils to raise a loan for acquiring land and erecting public hall and library at Dunsandel
9Authorizing Ashburton County Council to prepare and publish jubilee booklet
10As to overdraft authority of Peninsula County Council
11Validating loan of £700 by Maniototo County Council. and authorizing refund to General Account
12Validating expenditure by certain County Councils to celebrate the jubilee of certain counties
13Varying purposes of expenditure of loan of £4,000 raised by Whangarei Borough Council for unemployment relief
14Validating payment by Auckland City Council of cost of advertising in the supplement to London Times
15Authorizing Devonport Borough Council to accept a gift of a piece of land, and imposing restriction as to fencing
16Authorizing Hamilton Borough Council to contribute £1,000 towards the erection of a maternity home. Repeal
17Authorizing Wanganui City Council to grant a lease of certain lands to the Wanganui Education Board [Repealed]
18Validating lease of certain land to Wanganui City Corporation, and authorizing Council to dispose of lease
19Validating certain transactions by Wanganui City Council in respect of Wanganui Abattoirs, and authorizing lease of lands
20Authorizing Palmerston North Borough Council to transfer certain lands to Palmerston North High School Board and to Royal New Zealand Society for the Health of Women and Children
21Validating certain expenditure by Palmerston North Borough Council in connection with jubilee celebrations
22Empowering Masterton Borough Council to write off the sum of £722 17s. 9d
23Authorizing Carterton Borough Council to extinguish a liability in respect of the Clareville Cemetery
24Validating unauthorised expenditure incurred by Lower Hutt Borough Council during financial year 1925–26
25Validating Nelson City Council Baths Loan of £8,800
26Validating certain expenditure by the Westport Borough Council
27Authorizing Christchurch City Council to make a payment in respect of accident to Ernest Neil Dodge
28Provision for expenditure of surplus sinking-fund moneys of Christchurch drainage loan [Repealed]
29Validating certain expenditure by Dunedin City Council in excess of “unauthorised”
30Varying apportionment of certain loan-moneys raised by Greytown Borough Council
31Provision for special poll to determine statutory closing-day in Borough of Eketahuna under Shops and Offices Act 1921–22
32Validating certain expenditure by Newmarket Borough Council on official opening of new railway-bridge
33Authorizing Auckland City Council to lease to Auckland Bowling Club (Incorporated) portion of Auckland Domain
34Authorizing Greymouth Borough Council to contribute towards Dobson Relief Fund
35Validating expenditure by the Akaroa Borough Council in purchasing panoramic photographs
36Authorizing the New Plymouth Borough Council by special order to declare Davis Lane to be a public street
37Authorizing Christchurch City Council to increase contribution towards cost of bridge over Avon River and to raise a loan
38Authorizing Auckland City Council to return to Hebrew community portion of Symonds Street Cemetery
39Authorizing the Kamo Town Board to dispose of Section 78, Village of Kamo
40Authorizing the Papatoetoe Town Board to vary allocation of unexpended balance of a loan of £4,500
41Authorizing Johnsonville Town Board to raise a loan to redeem certain debentures
42Exemption of Johnsonville Town Board from rates levied by Wellington City Council and Makara County Council in respect of a catchment area [Repealed]
43Section 14, Reserves and Other Lands Disposal and Public Bodies Empowering Act 1914, repealed
44Special provision with respect to certain drainage and sewerage loans raised by One Tree Hill Road Board
45Authorizing Bay of Islands Harbour Board to raise 10-per-cent. additional loan in respect of loan of £6,000 [Repealed]
46Authorizing Whangarei Harbour Board to raise 10% additional loan in respect of loan of £120,000 [Repealed]
47Authorizing Thames Harbour Board to raise a 10-per-cent. additional loan in respect of loan of £60,000
48Authorizing Tokomaru Bay Harbour Board to purchase certain land and buildings by instalments [Repealed]
49Authorizing Napier Harbour Board to grant a lease, with option to purchase, to the Napier Technical School Board
50Section 122, Reserves and Other Lands Disposal and Public Bodies Empowering Act 1924, amended
51Authorizing Lyttelton Harbour Board to expend the sum of £500 on publication of historical handbook
52Validating certain purchases of land by Auckland Electric-power Board
53Authorizing Central Electric-power Board to establish its offices outside its district
54Validating clause 8 of electric-lines license of Bay of Plenty Electric-power Board
55Authorizing Otago Electric-power Board to vary appointment of certain loan-moneys
56Special provision with respect to taking over Gore Borough Council’s electrical reticulation supply by Southland Electric-power Board
57Authorizing Tauranga Electric-power Board to raise a loan not exceeding £4,500 for conversion of transmission-line
58Validating payment of interest and sinking fund out of loan-moneys by Opunake Electric-power Board
59Authorizing Otago Central Electric-power Board to raise additional 10% of certain loans
60Authorizing Hauraki United Drainage Board to exercise an unexercised loan authority of Hauraki Drainage Board
61Authorizing Hauraki United Drainage Board to exercise an unexhausted loan authority of Horahia Drainage Board
62Making provision with respect to overdraft of Buckley Drainage Board
63Validating preparation of ratepayers lists of certain drainage districts
64As to overdraft authority of Mangapu Drainage Board
65Validating certain expenditure by Waimatuku River Board
66Authorizing loan of £2,000 to Mangawara River Board, and validating conditions of agreement
67Special provision with respect to assets and liabilities of Waikato River Board
68Section 65, Reserves and Other Lands Disposal and Public Bodies Empowering Act 1922, amended
69Authorizing Ohai Railway Board to expend money on advertising in and purchasing copies of the book called “The Dominion of New Zealand”
70Authorizing Ohai Railway Board to make grant not exceeding £100 towards defraying cost of Southland Provincial Court at New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition
71Authorizing Christchurch Tramway Board to make a contribution towards cost of bridge over Avon River, and to raise a loan
72Section 115, Reserves and Other Lands Disposal and Public Bodies Empowering Act 1922, repealed
73Vesting a certain area of land in the Otago Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools Board
74Placing New Plymouth Technical School under control of New Plymouth High School Board
75Vesting in Hastings High School Board site formerly occupied by technical School
76Authorizing Waitemata County Council, New Lynn Town Board, Glen Eden Town Board, and Henderson Town Board to raise supplementary loans for payment of their respective contributions to cost of a main arterial highway
77Authorizing Buller County Council and Westport Borough Council to contribute towards experiments by Cawthron Institute on pakihi land
78Vesting certain land of Ashley River Trust in the Rangiora Borough Corporation as a reserve
79Special provision in respect of union of City of Auckland and Orakei Road District and future control of Orakei Garden Suburb
80Respecting construction and apportionment of cost of bridge over Manawatu River and approach roads thereto
81Providing for dissolution of Waipu Public Library Institution, and disposal of assets, etc
82Authorizing Winton Agricultural and Pastoral Association to dispose of its present showground and to expend proceeds in improvements to Winton Domain
83Authorizing Waikato Agricultural and Pastoral Association to transfer certain land to Hamilton Borough Corporation

An Act to confer certain powers on certain Public Bodies and to validate certain transactions.