Land Transfer (Hawke's Bay) Act 1931

Reprint as at 12 November 2018

Land Transfer (Hawke’s Bay) Act 1931

Public Act
1931 No 27
Date of assent
9 November 1931
see section 1(2)

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this eprint. See the notes at the end of this eprint for further details.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Justice.


1Short Title and commencement
3Registrar directed to make new register [Repealed]
4Provisions applicable in cases where outstanding duplicates have not been destroyed
5Evidential value of certificates and other instruments issued or authenticated under last preceding section
6Where outstanding copy of certificate of title destroyed new certificate may be issued on application of registered proprietor or mortgagee
7Memorandum of interests admitted by proprietor or mortgagee
8Where outstanding copy of certificate of title destroyed Registrar may issue new one
9Interim certificate of title
10Effect of interim certificate of title
11Application to make interim certificate conclusive
12Interim certificates of title to become conclusive after 6 years
13Where outstanding copy of lease or licence lost or destroyed
14Establishing interests other than freeholds and certain leaseholds
15Registered proprietor bound to execute new instruments where originals destroyed
16Partition orders of Maori freehold land
17Power to compel production of instruments, etc
18Penalty for not producing documents or attending to give information
19Instruments may be lodged although relative folium of register not reconstructed
20Providing for copies of plans to be filed, without fees
21Conditions as to compensation for mistake of Registrar
22No fee for certificate of title or for provisional lease or mortgage issued in lieu of destroyed one
23Exemption from stamp duty and fees
24Registrations may be effected in City of Wellington [Repealed]
Reprint notes

An Act to authorise the making of a new land transfer register for the Land Registration District of Hawke’s Bay (in replacement of the land transfer register destroyed by fire following the Hawke’s Bay earthquake of 3 February 1931) and for matters incidental thereto