Kitchener Memorial Scholarship Trust Act 1941

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Reprint as at 1 March 2002

Kitchener Memorial Scholarship Trust Act 1941

Public Act1941 No 20
Date of assent13 October 1941
Commencement13 October 1941


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This Act is administered by the Ministry of Education.

An Act to make provision for the administration of the Kitchener Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Preamble

    Whereas a donation received in 1916 from the Honourable Sir Robert Heaton Rhodes (hereinafter in this Act referred to as the donor) provided the nucleus of a Fund known as the Kitchener Memorial Scholarship Fund, which is held by the donor and the Director of Education, in accordance with an informally created trust, for the purpose of providing agricultural scholarships for sons of members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces who lost their lives in the Great War:

    And whereas the Fund has been augmented by certain other donations, by subsidies from the Consolidated Fund, and by accumulated interest, and it is now desired, in accordance with the wishes of the donor, to vest the Fund in the Public Trustee, to enlarge and define the classes of persons eligible to receive scholarships from the Fund, and to make certain provisions with respect to the award, tenure, and value of scholarships granted from the Fund.