Valuers Act 1948

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Valuers Registration Board

3 Valuers Registration Board constituted


There is hereby established a Board, to be known as the Valuers Registration Board.


The Board shall consist of—


the Valuer-General, who shall be the chairman; and


4 registered valuers appointed by the Minister, of whom 2 shall be appointed on the recommendation of the Institute.


The powers of the Board shall not be affected by any vacancy in the membership thereof.


Every appointed member of the Board shall be appointed for a term of 3 years, but may from time to time be reappointed, or may be at any time removed from office by the Minister for disability, insolvency, neglect of duty, or misconduct, or may at any time resign his office by writing addressed to the Valuer-General.


If any appointed member of the Board dies, is removed from office, or resigns, the vacancy so created shall within 3 months after the occurrence thereof be filled in the manner in which the appointment of the vacant office was originally made. Every person so appointed shall be appointed for a term of 3 years.


Unless he sooner vacates his office as provided in the last preceding subsection, every member of the Board shall continue in office until his successor comes into office, notwithstanding that the term for which he was appointed may have expired.