War Pensions Act 1954

  • repealed
  • War Pensions Act 1954: repealed, on 7 December 2014, by section 276 of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 (2014 No 56).

Reprint as at 1 April 2015

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

War Pensions Act 1954

Public Act
1954 No 54
Date of assent
30 September 1954
30 September 1954

War Pensions Act 1954: repealed, on 7 December 2014, by section 276 of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 (2014 No 56).


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the New Zealand Defence Force.


1Short Title
1AApplication of Act
3Act divided into Parts
4Secretary for War Pensions
4ADelegation of Secretary’s powers
5Deputy Secretary for War Pensions
5AWar Pensions Advisory Board
5BTerm of office of appointed member
5CExtraordinary vacancies
5DPresiding member
5EDeputies of members
5FMeetings of Advisory Board
5GAdministrative services
5HFees and travelling allowances
5IFunctions of Advisory Board
6War Pensions Boards [Repealed]
7Chairman of War Pensions Board [Repealed]
8War Pensions Appeal Boards
9Chairman of Appeal Board
10Deputy members
11Appointments on nomination of NZRSA (Inc)
12Remuneration and travelling expenses
13Application of Commissions of Inquiry Act 1908
14Claims for war pensions or allowances
15District claims panels
15ADelegation of Secretary’s powers to claims panels and national review officers
15BConsideration of claims, etc, by district claims panel
15CNational review officers
15DReview of decisions of district claims panel, etc
15ENational review officer to determine whether fresh application on grounds of additional evidence should be accepted
16Appeals to War Pensions Appeal Board
16AAppeals to Social Security Appeal Authority
17Presumption that disablement or death attributable to service
18Boards not bound by rules of evidence, but must determine all claims in accordance with their merits
18BWar Pensions Medical Research Trust Board [Repealed]
18CMembership of Board [Repealed]
18DExtraordinary vacancies [Repealed]
18EMeetings of Board [Repealed]
18FPower to make rules [Repealed]
18GFunctions and powers of Board [Repealed]
18HSecretary to Board and other staff [Repealed]
18IWar Pensions Medical Research Trust Fund
18JCapital and income of Fund
18KPowers of investment
18LAuthorised expenditure
18MConditions of grants, awards, and fellowships
18NMoney to be paid into bank
18OAccounting records must be kept
18OAFinancial statements must be prepared
18OBFinancial statements must be audited
18PPurposes of Fund declared to be charitable purposes
18QTravelling allowances [Repealed]
18RMembers of Advisory Board not personally liable
18SContracts of Board [Repealed]
19General provisions as to grounds for payment of pensions
20Maximum rate of pensions for total disablement
21Rates of pensions for disablement resulting from certain major disabilities
22Rates of pensions in other cases of disablement
23Additional pension in certain cases of severe disablement
24Pensions may be temporary or permanent
25Rate of pension to be determined by reference to nature of disablement
26Review of pensions
27Disabled member may be required to undergo medical treatment
28Clothing allowance in case of loss of limbs, etc
29Allowance for services of attendant in certain cases
29AAdditional payment where decoration awarded
30Maximum rates of pensions for wives of disabled members of forces [Repealed]
31Economic position of disabled member to be considered in determining rate of pension for wife [Repealed]
31ALump sum payment on death of wife of economic pensioner [Repealed]
32Maximum rates of surviving spouses’ and surviving partners’ pensions
33Rate of pension for surviving spouse or surviving partner who is a bona fide resident of New Zealand
34Surviving spouse or surviving partner not entitled to pension in certain cases
35Pensions to surviving spouses or surviving partners to cease on remarriage, entry into civil union, or commencement of de facto relationship
35AReinstatement of surviving spouse’s or surviving partner’s pension
36Maximum rates of children’s pensions
37Child not entitled to pension in certain cases
38Board may terminate pension where family benefit payable [Repealed]
39Economic position of disabled member to be considered in determining rate of pension for children
40Increased pensions for children in certain cases
41Children whose parents are not married [Repealed]
42Child not to receive pension in respect of more than 1 parent
43Duration of pensions for children
44Maximum rates of pensions for dependants other than spouses, partners, and children
45Pensions to unmarried females to cease on marriage [Repealed]
46Economic position of dependant to be considered in determining rate of pension
47Increased pensions to spouse or partner and children of member in receipt of economic pension
48Pension to surviving spouse, surviving partner, or child of deceased member whose death not attributable to service
49Pensions to dependants in respect of disablement of member to cease on his death
50Increased pensions while member undergoing medical treatment
51Pensions for guardians of parentless children
52Pensions for other persons
53Economic position of claimant to be considered in determining rate of pension
54Members of forces officially reported as missing
55Service otherwise than as member of forces
56Service as member of other Commonwealth forces
56AArrangements with other countries for payment of pensions, etc
57Economic pension defined [Repealed]
58Classes of persons entitled to claim economic pension [Repealed]
59Grant of economic pensions to be in discretion of War Pensions Board [Repealed]
60Maximum rates of economic pensions [Repealed]
61Special provisions where claimant refuses to accept suitable employment [Repealed]
61ALump sum payment on death of economic pensioner [Repealed]
62Pensions for members of mercantile marine and their dependants in respect of disablement or death resulting from Second World War
63Service as member of other Commonwealth mercantile marine
64Compensation or damages not payable if pension payable
65Pensions for members of Emergency Reserve Corps and their dependants in respect of disablement or death attributable to their service
66Compensation or damages may be taken into account in assessing rates of pensions
66AServiceman defined [Repealed]
66BWar service pensions [Repealed]
66CAppeal from decisions of War Pensions Board [Repealed]
66DResidential qualifications for war service pension [Repealed]
66ERates of war service pension [Repealed]
66FAge supplement where war service pensioner or wife has attained age of 65 years [Repealed]
66GApportionment of pensions in certain cases [Repealed]
66HForfeiture of pensions of inmates of institutions [Repealed]
66IReview of pensions [Repealed]
66JContinuation of payment after death of serviceman [Repealed]
66KContinuation of payment after death of wife [Repealed]
66LElection to receive war service pension in certain cases [Repealed]
66MWar service pensioners may elect to receive national superannuation [Repealed]
67AMeaning of living alone
68Administration of veterans’ pensions
69Delegation of Secretary’s powers
70Entitlement to veteran’s pension
70AService in connection with any emergency
71Veteran’s ability to earn employment income
72Medical examination of applicant for veteran’s pension
73Commencement of veteran’s pension
74Rates of veterans’ pensions
74ALump sum payments on death
74BPersons formerly receiving certain pensions or allowance entitled to veteran’s pension
74BAEntitlement to veteran’s pension for spouses or partners of persons in long-term residential care in hospital or rest home
74CAnnual adjustment of rates of veterans’ pensions
74EEffect of absence from New Zealand on veteran’s pension
74FFirst 26 weeks of certain temporary absences
74GAbsences up to 2 years for medical treatment
74HAbsences up to 156 weeks with aid agencies
74IDate absence commences
74JPayment overseas of veteran’s pension
74JACalculation of amount of veteran’s pension payable overseas
74KApplications after leaving New Zealand
74LDate of commencement of payment overseas
74MRelationship with other benefit provisions
74NSpecified Pacific country
74OEntitlement to be paid veteran’s pension in specified Pacific country
74PRates of payment of veteran’s pension payable to people resident in specified Pacific countries
74QCommencement and termination of payments
74REffect on other benefits
74SApplication of this Act and Social Security Act 1964
74TCertain former economic pensioners may be paid up to the full rate of veteran’s pension overseas
74ULiving alone payments [Repealed]
74VCommencement of living alone payments [Repealed]
74WTransitional provision for existing veteran’s pension entitlements
75Lump sum payment on death of wife of war veteran [Repealed]
75AWar servicemen’s dependants’ allowances [Repealed]
75BAdditional pension or allowance for dependent children [Repealed]
75CRates of pensions, lump sum payments, and allowances may be increased by Order in Council
76Wives and children of Maoris [Repealed]
77Conjugal status for purposes of pension or allowance
78Money received for military decorations
78ASick benefits received from friendly society
78BExemption of income from former home property [Repealed]
78CExemption of income from supplementary assistance [Repealed]
79Personal earnings from domestic service in a private home [Repealed]
79AAllowable income of persons who have attained 65 years of age [Repealed]
80Limitation of claims by persons entitled to 2 or more pensions for disablement of same person
80AService in connection with any emergency
80BSpecial provisions relating to accident compensation
81Rates of pension where overseas pension payable
82Persons receiving superannuation benefit under Social Security Act not to receive certain war pensions and allowances [Repealed]
83Death of claimant for pension
84Date of commencement of pensions
84APayment of pensions and allowances
85Disposition of accrued pension unpaid at date of death
85AAppeal against decision of War Pensions Board
86Payment of pensions out of New Zealand
87Refusal or forfeiture of pension in respect of imprisonment
87ARefusal or reduction of pension in certain cases
88Appeals to a Magistrate [Repealed]
89Pensions and allowances absolutely inalienable
90Recovery of payments made in error
91Pensions not to be taken into account in assessing compensation or damages
93Time for filing charge
94Money payable out of Crown Bank Account
95Power to extend Parts 4 and 5 to future wars
97Repeals and savings
Reprint notes

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to war pensions and allowances