Maori Reserved Land Act 1955

Version as at 28 October 2021

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Maori Reserved Land Act 1955

Public Act
1955 No 38
Date of assent
20 October 1955
see section 1(2)

The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

This Act is administered by Te Puni Kōkiri.


1Short Title and commencement
3Reserved land to be subject to this Act
4Governor-General in Council may declare land to be a Maori reserve
5Trusts for reserved land
6Registration of Māori Trustee’s title
7Status of reserved land
8General powers of Māori Trustee in relation to reserved land
9Power of Māori Trustee to sell reserved land
9ASale of reserved land to lessees [Repealed]
9BPowers of Maori Trustee in respect of leases [Repealed]
10Alienation powers of equitable owners
10ARegistration of security
11Court may determine beneficial owners of reserved land
12Court may define trusts
13Court may partition reserved land
14Court may vest reserved land in beneficial owners
15Exchange of interests
15AConstitution of Maori incorporations to administer reserved land
16Persons entitled to succeed deceased owner
17Title of successors
18Court to determine successors
19Uneconomic interests defined [Repealed]
20Disposition of interests of deceased owner
21Acquisition of uneconomic interests by Maori Trustee [Repealed]
22Maori Trustee may purchase interests by agreement [Repealed]
23Money to be paid from conversion fund [Repealed]
24Application of revenues from interests acquired [Repealed]
25Succession fee payable on interests in reserved land
26Māori Trustee may lease unleased Maori reserve or township land
27Conversion of leases of Maori reserves or township land
28Optional rights on renewal of leases
29Terms of prescribed lease may be modified by agreement
30Valuations for rent fixation
31Valuation certificates to be prepared
32General provisions as to valuations
32ASpecial valuations made on or after 1 July 1998
33Notice of valuation and right of objection thereto
34Rents under renewable leases
35Minimum annual rent in leases of rural land
36Annual rent where minimum reduced because of uncontrollable deterioration
37Lessee may require Māori Trustee to reduce minimum annual rent
38Procedure when lessee does not accept renewal of a lease
39Procedure where right to new lease not purchased
40Date of commencement of new lease when offered for public competition
41Until new lease commences, former lease deemed to continue
42Rights where lessee does not elect to take a renewable lease in prescribed forms
42ASurrender of leases
43Objections to valuations
44Hearing and determinations of objections
45Proceedings in relation to destroyed or damaged improvements
46Notification of amendments
47Appeal to High Court from Tribunal’s determination
48Appeals by notice of motion
49Service of notice of motion
50Cross appeals
51Chairman of Tribunal to prepare report
52Court may affirm or vary determination
53Determination as to uncontrollable deterioration
55Ordinary practice and procedure to apply
56Valuer-General’s right of audience
57Land Valuation Tribunal to have exclusive jurisdiction
59Māori Trustee may lease unleased settlement reserves
60Renewal of subsisting leases
61Renewable leases
62Minimum annual rent
63Minimum rent in cases of uncontrollable deterioration
64Valuations for renewal of leases
65Certificate of valuation to be prepared
66Notice of valuations and right of objection thereto
67Where no objection lodged, renewal to be offered to lessee
68Procedure after objection determined
69Procedure where lessee does not accept renewal
70Valuation Appeal Committee
71Remuneration and allowances of members of Committee
72Certain costs of administration to come out of appropriated money
73Procedure of Committee
74Objections to valuations to be heard by Committee
75Determination as to uncontrollable deterioration
76Valuer-General to be notified of Committee’s decisions [Repealed]
77Lands held in trust for different owners may be comprised in 1 lease
78Registration of leases
79Adjoining areas may be incorporated in existing lease
80Implied covenants in leases of reserved land
81Rights of tenants in common
82Submissions to arbitration
83Fees, costs, and expenses
84Māori Trustee may reduce rents of certain leased lands used for charitable purposes
85Township land may be sold to Crown
86Township land may be sold to private persons
87Township land may be vested in owners
88Māori Trustee to distribute capital moneys to owners of reserved land
88AProceeds of Wellington tenths sales may be used to acquire land or erect buildings
89Trust for Auckland and Onehunga Hostels Endowment
90Nelson Tenths Benefit Fund
91Special provisions applying to certain Motueka reserves
92Service of notices
93Repeals and savings

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of the lands comprised in Maori reserves, West Coast settlement reserves, and Maori townships, and to make provision in respect of certain other lands administered by the Māori Trustee

Title: amended, on 1 July 2009, pursuant to section 30(2)(a) of the Māori Trustee Amendment Act 2009 (2009 No 12).