Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Act 1955

  • This version was replaced on 26 January 2017 to make a correction to section 2(2) under section 25(1)(j)(ii) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Reprint as at 8 September 1999

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Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Act 1955

Public Act
1955 No 49
Date of assent
21 October 1955
21 October 1955

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This Act is administered by Land Information New Zealand.


1Short Title
2Cancelling the vesting of certain land in the Mangawai Harbour Board as an endowment and vesting that land in Her Majesty for recreation purposes
3Authorizing the Rotorua County Council to subdivide certain land and conferring on the said Council special leasing powers in respect of that land
4Validating an agreement between J A Jans and the Taranaki Harbour Board
5Declaring lands subject to the Forests Act 1949 to be Crown land subject to the Land Act 1948
6Effecting adjustments to the status of certain lands in the City of Wellington, being portions of the Victoria College site, the Mount Street Cemetery, the Wellington Town Belt, and a public street
7Authorizing the winding-up of the New Zealand Romney Marsh Sheep Breeders’ Association
8Authorizing the Auckland Hospital Board to sell or exchange certain endowment land
9Authorizing boundary adjustments between the Auckland Public Hospital and the Auckland Domain and defining the status of the Auckland Hospital site
10Authorizing the Manaia Town Council to sell certain land
11Authorizing the Governor-General to proclaim certain lands in Maniototo County and Naseby Borough to be Crown land
12Authorizing the Te Awamutu Borough Council to use certain land for housing purposes
13Validating a lease and vesting certain land in the Corporation of the Borough of Cambridge in fee simple and declaring other land to be vested in the said Corporation for recreation purposes
14Authorizing the Corporation of the City of Napier to lease certain endowment land [Repealed]
15Removing certain land from the provisions of section 5(3) of the Paritutu Centennial Park Act 1938 [Repealed]
16Cancelling the vesting in Her Majesty for railway purposes of certain land and declaring that land to be public road
17Special provisions relating to the control of lands adjacent to the foreshore of the sea in the Marlborough Sounds and Croisilles–French Pass area [Repealed]
18Vesting railway land in the Corporation of the City of Wellington for water supply and other purposes
19Authorizing the Hutt Park Committee to lease certain land [Repealed]
20Making special provision for the setting apart of lands required for the Wallaceville Animal Research Station [Repealed]
21Repealing section 31 of the Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Act 1938 and making certain provisions incidental thereto
22Authorizing the abolition of the New River Harbour Board and vesting certain land the property of that Board in the Corporation of the City of Invercargill
23Amending section 79 of the Local Legislation Act 1927 in respect of certain financial adjustments between the Crown and the Auckland City Council
24Declaring certain land to be vested in Her Majesty for recreation purposes and authorizing the Corporation of the City of New Plymouth to apply money towards certain purposes
25Authorizing the Patea Borough Council to expend certain money
26Authorizing the removal of certain lands from the restrictions of section 19(8) of the Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Act 1938
Reprint notes

An Act to provide for the sale, reservation, and other disposition of certain reserves, Crown lands, endowments, and other lands, to validate certain transactions, and to make provision in respect of certain other matters