Finance Act 1956

  • repealed
  • Finance Act 1956: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).

Reprint as at 3 June 2017

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Finance Act 1956

Public Act
1956 No 51
Date of assent
25 October 1956
25 October 1956

Finance Act 1956: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Treasury.

An Act to make provision with respect to public finance and other matters

1 Short Title

This Act may be cited as the Finance Act 1956.

2 Validating general increase of salaries of Government servants


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Public Service Act 1912 or in any other enactment, and without limiting any other powers in that behalf, it is hereby declared that there may be paid from money appropriated by Parliament for the payment of salaries and of allowances in the nature of salaries to persons employed by the Crown amounts by way of increase of salary from 31 March 1956 which shall not exceed in any case the sum of 410 pounds a year.


This section shall be deemed to have come into force on 1 April 1956.

3 Interest rate on National Savings investments

Section 3: repealed, on 1 July 1984, by section 6(1)(c) of the Finance Act 1983 (1983 No 59).

4 Exemptions from estate duty, etc, to estates of deceased diplomatic and other representatives in New Zealand

Section 4: repealed, on 11 October 1957, by section 22(1) of the Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Act 1957 (1957 No 21).

5 Advances to officers stationed overseas

Section 5: repealed, on 12 December 1968, by section 2(2) of the Finance Act 1968 (1968 No 54).

6 Empowering certain local authorities to expend money in connection with Marlborough centennial celebrations

It shall be lawful and be deemed always to have been lawful for any local authority or public body whose district lies wholly or partly within the boundaries of the Provincial District of Marlborough to expend money out of its general fund or account towards celebrating and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the constitution of the Province of Marlborough, and in connection with the establishment of a centennial memorial or centennial memorials, and to make grants to the body known as the Marlborough Centennial Committee for any such purpose.

7 Expenditure by Education Boards in celebrating centennials

Section 7: repealed, on 20 October 1972, by section 13(a) of the Education Amendment Act 1972 (1972 No 34).

8 Local Authorities Superannuation Act 1908 repealed


The following enactments are hereby repealed, namely:


the Local Authorities Superannuation Act 1908:


the Local Authorities Superannuation Amendment Act 1912:


Amendment(s) incorporated in the Act(s):


the Local Authorities Superannuation Amendment Act 1924:


Amendment(s) incorporated in the Act(s).



Section 8(2): repealed, on 1 April 1991, by section 79(c) of the National Provident Fund Restructuring Act 1990 (1990 No 126).

Reprints notes
1 General

This is a reprint of the Finance Act 1956 that incorporates all the amendments to that Act as at the date of the last amendment to it.

2 Legal status

Reprints are presumed to correctly state, as at the date of the reprint, the law enacted by the principal enactment and by any amendments to that enactment. Section 18 of the Legislation Act 2012 provides that this reprint, published in electronic form, has the status of an official version under section 17 of that Act. A printed version of the reprint produced directly from this official electronic version also has official status.

3 Editorial and format changes

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4 Amendments incorporated in this reprint

Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23): section 3(1)

National Provident Fund Restructuring Act 1990 (1990 No 126): section 79(c)

Finance Act 1983 (1983 No 59): section 6(1)(c)

Education Amendment Act 1972 (1972 No 34): section 13(a)

Finance Act 1968 (1968 No 54): section 2(2)

Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Act 1957 (1957 No 21): section 22(1)