Health Act 1956

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Schedule 3 Offensive trades

s 2

Blood or offal treating

Bone boiling or crushing

Collection and storage of used bottles for sale

Dag crushing


Fish cleaning

Fish curing

Flax pulping

Flock manufacturing, or teasing of textile materials for any purpose

Gut scraping and treating

Nightsoil collection and disposal

Refuse collection and disposal

Septic tank desludging and disposal of sludge

Slaughtering of animals for any purpose other than human consumption

Storage, drying, or preserving of bones, hides, hoofs, or skins

Tallow melting


Wood pulping

Wool scouring

Schedule 3: amended, on 1 April 1974, by section 56(1) of the Clean Air Act 1972 (1972 No 31).

Schedule 3: amended, on 25 October 1960, by section 5(1) of the Health Amendment Act 1960 (1960 No 96).

Schedule 3: amended, on 1 June 1959, by clause 2 of the Offensive Trades Order 1959 (SR 1959/79).