Charitable Trusts Act 1957

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11 Registration of boards


The Registrar, on being satisfied that the purposes of the trust or society (as the case may be) are exclusively or principally charitable, and that the procedural requirements of this Part have been observed, shall do the following things:


enter the name of the board in the register kept by him under this Part, together with particulars as to whether trustees or a society constitute the board, the place of its registered office, and such other particulars as he thinks fit:


issue under his seal a certificate that the board has been incorporated under this Part on the date mentioned in the certificate.


From the date of incorporation mentioned in the certificate of incorporation the board shall be a body corporate, and shall consist of—


the persons who are for the time being the trustees of the trust in any case where trustees are incorporated as a board:


the persons who are for the time being the members of the society in any case where a society is incorporated as a board.

Compare: 1908 No 212 s 8