15 Name of board


No trustees or society shall be incorporated under a name which is identical with that of any other board, or of any company carrying on business in New Zealand (whether registered in New Zealand or not) or of any other body corporate established or registered in New Zealand under any Act, or which so nearly resembles that name as to be calculated to deceive, except where the other board, company, or body corporate, as the case may be, signifies its consent in such manner as the Registrar requires, and the Registrar is satisfied that registration of the board by that name will not be contrary to the public interest.


The name of a board need not include—


the words “Trust Board”:


any of the following words, namely, “Trust”, “Board”, “Society”, and “Incorporated”.

Compare: 1908 No 212 s 11; 1955 No 63 s 31(1)(a)