Oaths and Declarations Act 1957

Oaths, affirmations, and declarations made outside New Zealand

10 Commonwealth representatives may administer oaths


In this section, unless the context otherwise requires,—

affidavit includes any affirmation, acknowledgment, examination, or attestation or protestation of honour

oath includes an affirmation

swear includes affirm and protest.


Every Commonwealth representative exercising his functions in any place outside New Zealand may, in that place, administer any oath and take any affidavit, and also do any notarial act which any notary public can do within New Zealand; and every oath, affidavit, and notarial act administered, sworn, or done by or before any such representative shall be as effectual as if duly administered, sworn, or done by or before any lawful authority in New Zealand.


Any document purporting to have affixed, impressed, or subscribed thereon or thereto the seal or signature of any person authorised by this section to administer an oath in testimony of any oath, affidavit, or act being administered, taken, or done by or before him shall be admitted in evidence without proof of the seal or signature being the seal or signature of that person, or of the official character of that person.

Compare: 1939 No 39 s 21