Oaths and Declarations Act 1957

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19 Executive Councillor’s oath


The oath in this Act referred to as the Executive Councillor’s oath shall be in the form following, that is to say:

I, [specify], being chosen and admitted of the Executive Council of New Zealand, swear that I will to the best of my judgment, at all times when thereto required, freely give my counsel and advice to the Governor-General for the time being, for the good management of the affairs of New Zealand. That I will not directly nor indirectly reveal such matters as shall be debated in Council and committed to my secrecy, but that I will in all things be a true and faithful Councillor. So help me God.



Compare: 1908 No 151 s 7

Section 19(2): repealed, on 1 November 1983, by section 5(b) of the Acts Interpretation Amendment Act 1983 (1983 No 22).