Finance Act 1958

  • repealed
  • Finance Act 1958: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).

Reprint as at 3 June 2017

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Finance Act 1958

Public Act
1958 No 38
Date of assent
25 September 1958
25 September 1958

Finance Act 1958: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Treasury.

An Act to make provision with respect to public finance and other matters

1 Short Title

This Act may be cited as the Finance Act 1958.

2 Validating increase of salaries of heads of overseas missions


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any other Act, it is hereby declared that there may be paid without further appropriation than this section to any overseas representative within the meaning of the External Affairs Act 1943 who is the head of a diplomatic mission of the Government of New Zealand in any other country an amount by way of increase of salary from 18 November 1956 at the rate of 40 pounds a year.


This section shall be deemed to have come into force on 19 November 1956.

3 Exemption from duty in certain cases of simultaneous deaths

Where, before the commencement of the Simultaneous Deaths Act 1958, 2 or more persons have died at the same time or in circumstances which give rise to reasonable doubt as to which of them survived the other or others and, after the commencement of that Act, a person who became entitled to any property on the death of any of them makes a gift of the whole or part of that property (or of property representing that property) to the person who would have become entitled to that property on that death if that Act had then been in force, the gift shall not be taken into account as such under the Estate and Gift Duties Act 1955 either for the purposes of gift duty or for the purposes of estate duty.

4 Saving rights of certain persons in Cook Islands to object to assessments for income tax

Section 4: repealed, on 17 December 1971, by section 32(3)(c) of the Land and Income Tax Amendment Act 1971 (1971 No 146).

5 Extending the time for claiming compensation with respect to Lake Taupo

Notwithstanding anything in section 5 of the Lake Taupo Compensation Claims Act 1947, a special claim for compensation arising out of the levels of Lake Taupo notified in a notice published in the Gazette on 14 March 1957, at page 477, may be made under that section at any time not later than 14 March 1959, or, with the consent of the Minister of Works, which may be given either before or after the said 14 March 1959, not later than a day to be specified by the Minister in that behalf, but in any case not later than 14 March 1960.

6 Authorisation of railways

Section 6: repealed, on 1 February 1982, by section 248(1) of the Public Works Act 1981 (1981 No 35).

7 Conn’s Creek Branch Railway

Section 7: repealed, on 1 April 1982, by section 120(1) of the New Zealand Railways Corporation Act 1981 (1981 No 119).

8 Authorising expenditure by local authorities in welcoming and farewelling Governor-General

It shall be lawful and be deemed always to have been lawful for any local authority or public body to expend money out of its general fund or account in connection with public functions of welcome and farewell to any Governor-General.

9 Empowering certain local authorities to expend money in connection with Hawke’s Bay centennial celebrations

It shall be lawful and be deemed always to have been lawful for any local authority or public body whose district lies wholly or partly within the boundaries of the Provincial District of Hawke’s Bay to expend money out of its general fund or account towards celebrating and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the settlement of Hawke’s Bay and in connection with the establishment of a centennial memorial or centennial memorials, and to make grants to the body known as the Hawke’s Bay Centennial Council for any such purpose.

10 Arbitration in respect of price to be charged for bulk supply of electrical energy by Electric Power Board to municipal corporation

Where any Electric Power Board supplies electrical energy to a municipal corporation for distribution by the corporation and the Board and the corporation cannot agree as to the price to be charged and paid for electrical energy supplied as aforesaid during the period beginning with 1 April 1958 and ending with 31 March 1963, or during any part of that period, the matter shall be referred to arbitration and, for the purposes of the arbitration, this section shall be deemed to be a submission within the meaning of the Arbitration Act 1908 and the reference shall be deemed to be to 2 arbitrators, one to be appointed by the Board and one by the Council of the corporation. The 2 arbitrators shall appoint 1 umpire immediately they are themselves appointed.

11 Saving of member of Parliament from disqualification

The provisions of the Electoral Act 1956 as to the disqualification of members of Parliament or of candidates for election as members of Parliament shall not apply to any payment received by the Honourable William Arthur Fox, member of Parliament, in respect of any remuneration payable to him as a member of the Workers’ Compensation Board in respect of any period before 1 October 1958.

Schedule Railways authorised


s 6

Schedule: repealed, on 1 February 1982, by section 248(1) of the Public Works Act 1981 (1981 No 35).

Reprints notes
1 General

This is a reprint of the Finance Act 1958 that incorporates all the amendments to that Act as at the date of the last amendment to it.

2 Legal status

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3 Editorial and format changes

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4 Amendments incorporated in this reprint

Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23): section 3(1)

New Zealand Railways Corporation Act 1981 (1981 No 119): section 120(1)

Public Works Act 1981 (1981 No 35): section 248(1)

Land and Income Tax Amendment Act 1971 (1971 No 146): section 32(3)(c)