Crimes Act 1961

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298A Causing disease or sickness in animals


Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years who, without lawful justification or reasonable excuse, directly or indirectly causes or produces in an animal a disease or sickness that causes a situation of a kind described in subsection (2) to occur, either—


intending a situation of that kind to occur; or


being reckless as to whether a situation of that kind occurs.


A situation of a kind referred to in subsection (1) is a situation that—


constitutes a serious risk to the health or safety of an animal population; and


is likely, directly or indirectly, to cause major damage to the national economy of New Zealand.

Section 298A: inserted, on 17 November 2003, by section 5 of the Crimes Amendment Act (No 2) 2003 (2003 No 105).