Victoria University of Wellington Act 1961

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Reprint as at 1 August 2020

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington Act 1961

Public Act
1961 No 51
Date of assent
8 November 1961
see section 1(2)

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Education.


1Short Title and commencement
3Constitution of the University
4University District and Court of Convocation
5Visitor of the University [Repealed]
6Constitution of Council [Repealed]
7Transitional provisions [Repealed]
8Term of office [Repealed]
9Employees as Council members [Repealed]
10Disqualification of members of Council [Repealed]
11Casual vacancies in Council [Repealed]
12Proceedings of Council not affected by vacancies, etc [Repealed]
13Election of Council members [Repealed]
14Meetings of Council [Repealed]
15Special meetings of Council [Repealed]
16Council may appoint committees [Repealed]
17Council to be governing body of University [Repealed]
18Appointment of professors, lecturers, etc [Repealed]
18ACouncil to consult staff organisation about conditions of employment of academic staff [Repealed]
19Conferment of degrees [Repealed]
20Award of certificates, etc
21Lectures to members of the public
22Power to make statutes and regulations [Repealed]
23Seal of the University [Repealed]
24Admission of students [Repealed]
25Election of Chancellor [Repealed]
26Election of Pro-Chancellor [Repealed]
27Right to preside at meetings of Council [Repealed]
28Vice-Chancellor and Principal [Repealed]
29Deputy Vice-Chancellor [Repealed]
30Constitution of Professorial Board [Repealed]
31Chairman of Professorial Board [Repealed]
32Meetings of Professorial Board [Repealed]
33Proceedings of Professorial Board not affected by vacancies, etc [Repealed]
34Functions of Professorial Board [Repealed]
35Professorial Board may appoint committees [Repealed]
36Council to consult Professorial Board on academic matters [Repealed]
37Recommendations in respect of degrees, courses of study, and examinations [Repealed]
38Admission of affiliated institutions [Repealed]
39Benefactions to be strictly applied [Repealed]
40Bulk funding [Repealed]
41Money to be paid into bank [Repealed]
42Loan money to be paid into a separate account [Repealed]
43Investment of money [Repealed]
44Provision for Common Fund investment [Repealed]
45Travelling allowances and expenses of members of Council [Repealed]
46Council may insure members against personal accident while engaged in duties [Repealed]
47Unauthorised expenditure of Council [Repealed]
48Council to prescribe fees [Repealed]
48AFees for domestic students [Repealed]
48BFees for foreign students [Repealed]
49Fees payable to associations of students [Repealed]
50Grants by Council to associations of staff or students [Repealed]
51Powers of Council in respect of property [Repealed]
52Power to borrow by way of overdraft or temporary loan [Repealed]
53Annual report and statement of accounts [Repealed]
54Endowment for University [Repealed]
55Repeals and savings [Repealed]
Reprint notes

An Act to consolidate and amend certain enactments of the Parliament of New Zealand relating to the Victoria University of Wellington

Title: amended, on 1 January 1987, pursuant to section 29(2) of the Constitution Act 1986 (1986 No 114).