Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply Act 1961

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Reprint as at 1 July 2003

Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply Act 1961

Public Act1961 No 131
Date of assent1 December 1961
Commencement1 December 1961
  • Act name: replaced, on 1 April 1980, by section 8(2) of the Local Government Amendment Act 1979 (1979 No 59).


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.



1 Short Title

Part 1
Amendments of principal Act


2 Alteration of county boundaries [Repealed]

3 Imprest account [Repealed]

4 Separate rates [Repealed]

5 Minimum water rates and charges for water [Repealed]

6 Sanitary and stormwater drainage rate [Repealed]

7 Cost of construction and maintenance of main roads where general rate levied separately in ridings [Repealed]

8 Sale or exchange of endowment land [Repealed]

9 Leases to other local authorities may be by private contract [Repealed]

10 Council may grant easements [Repealed]

11 Payment of electric-power charges for pumping from drainage or maintenance rate [Repealed]

12 Entry on private land otherwise than by agreement with occupier [Repealed]

13 Advances to property owners for water connections [Repealed]

14 Grants to public relations organisations [Repealed]

15 Entertainments on Sundays, etc [Repealed]

16 Bylaws as to hawkers, pedlars, and keepers of stalls [Repealed]

17 Council may exempt farm lands in county towns from separate improvement and development rates [Repealed]

18 Special orders in relation to county towns [Repealed]

Part 2
Subdivision of land


19 Commencement of this Part [Repealed]

20 This Part in force in Counties of Sounds and Fiord [Repealed]

21 Interpretation [Repealed]

22 Scheme plan of subdivision to be prepared and approved by Council [Repealed]

23 Powers of Council when scheme plan submitted for approval [Repealed]

24 Roads and road access [Repealed]

24A Subdivision of land fronting existing narrow road [Repealed]

25 Access ways, service lanes, and private ways [Repealed]

26 Minimum frontage and area requirements [Repealed]

27 Water supply, sewage disposal, and road formation [Repealed]

28 Reserves for public purposes [Repealed]

28A Bond for tree planting and preservation of trees, etc, by subdivider [Repealed]

29 Reserves along seashore and banks of rivers, lakes, etc [Repealed]

30 Reserves for future service lanes [Repealed]

31 Plan approved subject to building-line restrictions [Repealed]

31A Building-line restrictions provided in district scheme [Repealed]

32 Variation or revocation of scheme plan or conditions imposed [Repealed]

33 Appeals to Town and Country Planning Appeal Board [Repealed]

34 Survey plan of subdivision to be approved by Council [Repealed]

34A Refund of money paid if scheme plan revoked or lapses [Repealed]

35 Plan to be deposited [Repealed]

36 Plan approved subject to amalgamation or transfer of allotments [Repealed]

37 Plan approved subject to grant or reservation of easements [Repealed]

38 Savings as to previous approvals [Repealed]

39 Removal of building or hoarding erected contrary to condition [Repealed]

40 New sections as to private ways inserted [Repealed]

41 Motor garage permits where building-line restriction imposed [Repealed]

42 Building permits [Repealed]

43 Consequential amendments, repeals, revocation, and savings [Repealed]

44 Reserves created under Land Subdivision in Counties Act 1946 [Repealed]

45 Money paid into Consolidated Account in lieu of reserves [Repealed]

Part 3
Water races


46 Interpretation [Repealed]

Construction and maintenance of water races


47 Council may constitute and alter water race districts [Repealed]

48 Union of districts [Repealed]

49 Subdivision of districts [Repealed]

50 Powers of Council as to water races [Repealed]

51 Exercise of powers outside county [Repealed]

52 Supply of water outside the county [Repealed]

53 This Part not to authorise interference with Government work or railway [Repealed]

54 Entry upon private land [Repealed]

55 Compensation [Repealed]

56 Water race map to be prepared [Repealed]

Charges and rates for water supply


57 Bylaws as to charges for supply of water [Repealed]

58 Separate rate towards cost of water race [Repealed]

59 Rates to be levied on graduated scale [Repealed]

60 Owner of land granted for water race may have water free of charge or at a reduced charge [Repealed]

Management of water races


61 Appointment of managing ratepayers [Repealed]

62 Water channel may be declared a water race [Repealed]

63 Council may sell disused water race [Repealed]

64 Discontinuance of water race [Repealed]

Provisions for the protection of water races


65 Drawing off water from streams supplying water race [Repealed]

66 Offences with respect to water races [Repealed]

67 Pollution of water races [Repealed]

68 Wilful damage to water races [Repealed]

69 Proof of water races [Repealed]



70 Bylaws as to water races [Repealed]

Miscellaneous provisions


71 Council may stop supply of water in certain cases [Repealed]

72 Powers of Council of Borough of Greytown [Repealed]

73 Repeals and amendments [Repealed]

Part 4
The Waimakariri-Ashley Water Supply District

74 Interpretation

75 Waimakariri-Ashley Water Supply District

76 Waimakariri-Ashley Water Supply Board

77 Incorporation of Board

78 Membership of Board [Repealed]

79 Qualification of electors, preparation of rolls, and holding of elections and polls [Repealed]

80 Chairman of the Board [Repealed]

81 Proceedings of Board [Repealed]

82 Appointment of officers [Repealed]

83 Accounting provisions [Repealed]

84 Powers and duties of Board in respect of water races [Repealed]

85 General powers and duties of Board [Repealed]

86 Board a local authority for the purposes of the Public Works Act 1981

87 Amendments

Schedule 1
Preparation of scheme plans, and minimum frontage and area requirements


Schedule 2
Enactments amended


Schedule 3
Enactments relating to subdivision of land repealed


Schedule 4
Enactments relating to water races repealed


Reprint notes

An Act to constitute the Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply District and the Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply Board, and to define its functions and powers

  • Title: replaced, on 1 April 1980, by section 8(2) of the Local Government Amendment Act 1979 (1979 No 59).