Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply Act 1961

  • repealed
  • Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply Act 1961: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).
  • Previous title has changed

Reprint as at 3 June 2017

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Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply Act 1961

Public Act
1961 No 131
Date of assent
1 December 1961
1 December 1961

Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply Act 1961: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).

Act name: replaced, on 1 April 1980, by section 8(2) of the Local Government Amendment Act 1979 (1979 No 59).


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.


1Short Title
2Alteration of county boundaries [Repealed]
3Imprest account [Repealed]
4Separate rates [Repealed]
5Minimum water rates and charges for water [Repealed]
6Sanitary and stormwater drainage rate [Repealed]
7Cost of construction and maintenance of main roads where general rate levied separately in ridings [Repealed]
8Sale or exchange of endowment land [Repealed]
9Leases to other local authorities may be by private contract [Repealed]
10Council may grant easements [Repealed]
11Payment of electric-power charges for pumping from drainage or maintenance rate [Repealed]
12Entry on private land otherwise than by agreement with occupier [Repealed]
13Advances to property owners for water connections [Repealed]
14Grants to public relations organisations [Repealed]
15Entertainments on Sundays, etc [Repealed]
16Bylaws as to hawkers, pedlars, and keepers of stalls [Repealed]
17Council may exempt farm lands in county towns from separate improvement and development rates [Repealed]
18Special orders in relation to county towns [Repealed]
19Commencement of this Part [Repealed]
20This Part in force in Counties of Sounds and Fiord [Repealed]
21Interpretation [Repealed]
22Scheme plan of subdivision to be prepared and approved by Council [Repealed]
23Powers of Council when scheme plan submitted for approval [Repealed]
24Roads and road access [Repealed]
24ASubdivision of land fronting existing narrow road [Repealed]
25Access ways, service lanes, and private ways [Repealed]
26Minimum frontage and area requirements [Repealed]
27Water supply, sewage disposal, and road formation [Repealed]
28Reserves for public purposes [Repealed]
28ABond for tree planting and preservation of trees, etc, by subdivider [Repealed]
29Reserves along seashore and banks of rivers, lakes, etc [Repealed]
30Reserves for future service lanes [Repealed]
31Plan approved subject to building-line restrictions [Repealed]
31ABuilding-line restrictions provided in district scheme [Repealed]
32Variation or revocation of scheme plan or conditions imposed [Repealed]
33Appeals to Town and Country Planning Appeal Board [Repealed]
34Survey plan of subdivision to be approved by Council [Repealed]
34ARefund of money paid if scheme plan revoked or lapses [Repealed]
35Plan to be deposited [Repealed]
36Plan approved subject to amalgamation or transfer of allotments [Repealed]
37Plan approved subject to grant or reservation of easements [Repealed]
38Savings as to previous approvals [Repealed]
39Removal of building or hoarding erected contrary to condition [Repealed]
40New sections as to private ways inserted [Repealed]
41Motor garage permits where building-line restriction imposed [Repealed]
42Building permits [Repealed]
43Consequential amendments, repeals, revocation, and savings [Repealed]
44Reserves created under Land Subdivision in Counties Act 1946 [Repealed]
45Money paid into Consolidated Account in lieu of reserves [Repealed]
46Interpretation [Repealed]
47Council may constitute and alter water race districts [Repealed]
48Union of districts [Repealed]
49Subdivision of districts [Repealed]
50Powers of Council as to water races [Repealed]
51Exercise of powers outside county [Repealed]
52Supply of water outside the county [Repealed]
53This Part not to authorise interference with Government work or railway [Repealed]
54Entry upon private land [Repealed]
55Compensation [Repealed]
56Water race map to be prepared [Repealed]
57Bylaws as to charges for supply of water [Repealed]
58Separate rate towards cost of water race [Repealed]
59Rates to be levied on graduated scale [Repealed]
60Owner of land granted for water race may have water free of charge or at a reduced charge [Repealed]
61Appointment of managing ratepayers [Repealed]
62Water channel may be declared a water race [Repealed]
63Council may sell disused water race [Repealed]
64Discontinuance of water race [Repealed]
65Drawing off water from streams supplying water race [Repealed]
66Offences with respect to water races [Repealed]
67Pollution of water races [Repealed]
68Wilful damage to water races [Repealed]
69Proof of water races [Repealed]
70Bylaws as to water races [Repealed]
71Council may stop supply of water in certain cases [Repealed]
72Powers of Council of Borough of Greytown [Repealed]
73Repeals and amendments [Repealed]
75Waimakariri-Ashley Water Supply District
76Waimakariri-Ashley Water Supply Board
77Incorporation of Board
78Membership of Board [Repealed]
79Qualification of electors, preparation of rolls, and holding of elections and polls [Repealed]
80Chairman of the Board [Repealed]
81Proceedings of Board [Repealed]
82Appointment of officers [Repealed]
83Accounting provisions [Repealed]
84Powers and duties of Board in respect of water races [Repealed]
85General powers and duties of Board [Repealed]
86Board a local authority for the purposes of the Public Works Act 1981
Reprint notes

An Act to constitute the Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply District and the Waimakariri - Ashley Water Supply Board, and to define its functions and powers

Title: replaced, on 1 April 1980, by section 8(2) of the Local Government Amendment Act 1979 (1979 No 59).