Social Security Act 1964

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Reprint as at 1 July 2018

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Social Security Act 1964

Public Act
1964 No 136
Date of assent
4 December 1964
see section 1(2)

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Social Development.


1Short Title and commencement
2Administration [Repealed]
3ADelegation of powers by Minister [Repealed]
3BStatus of examples
3CTransitional and savings provisions relating to amendments to this Act
4Social Security Department [Repealed]
5Chief executive to comply with directions
6Social Security Commission [Repealed]
7Acting Commissioners [Repealed]
8Commissioners, Acting Commissioners, and other officers to be appointed under State Services Act 1962 [Repealed]
9Meetings of Commission [Repealed]
10Delegation of Director-General’s powers [Repealed]
10AReview of decisions of chief executive made under delegation by other decision makers
10BRight of appeal on medical grounds
11Power to obtain information
11APower to obtain information for matching purposes
11BCode of conduct applying to obtaining information under section 11
11CMatters to be included in code of conduct
11DApplication process for benefits
11EPre-benefit activities: requirements
11FPre-benefit activities: department must explain requirements
11GPre-benefit activities: consequences of non-compliance by applicant
11HPre-benefit activities: consequences of non-compliance by applicant’s spouse or partner
12Investigation of claims and grant of benefits
12ASocial Security Appeal Authority
12BTerm of office of members
12CExtraordinary vacancies
12DSpecial Appeal Authorities
12EDeputies of members
12FRemuneration and travelling allowances
12GServices for Appeal Authority
12HAuthority to have seal
12IFunctions of Appeal Authority
12JRights of appeal
12KProcedure on appeal
12LExpenses payable to appellants
12MHearing and determination of appeal
12NSittings of Appeal Authority
12OACosts incurred by Authority
12PNotice of decision
12QAppeals to High Court on questions of law only
12RAppeals to Court of Appeal
12SAppeals to Supreme Court
13National superannuation [Repealed]
14Residential qualification for national superannuation [Repealed]
15Rates of national superannuation [Repealed]
16Special provisions in respect of married couples where one spouse not entitled to national superannuation [Repealed]
17Commencement and payment of national superannuation [Repealed]
18Termination of national superannuation on death of recipient [Repealed]
19Special allowance for South African War veterans [Repealed]
20Additional benefit for South African War veterans [Repealed]
20ASole parent support: meaning of applicant
20BSole parent support: when dependent child may be regarded as applicant’s child
20CSole parent support: split custody
20DSole parent support: standard eligibility requirements
20ESole parent support: obligations on beneficiaries
20FSole parent support: payment
20GSole parent support: rate
20HSole parent support: expiry, and replacement with jobseeker support, when youngest dependent child 14
21Widows’ benefits [Repealed]
21AWidows’ benefits: pre-benefit activities [Repealed]
22Benefits to wives of mental patients [Repealed]
23Benefits to deserted wives [Repealed]
24Rates of widows’ benefits [Repealed]
25Special provisions as to benefits to deserted wives [Repealed]
26Continuation of benefit to deserted wife after divorce [Repealed]
27Continuation of widow’s benefit when benefit ceases to be payable in respect of children [Repealed]
27AInterpretation [Repealed]
27BDomestic purposes benefits for solo parents [Repealed]
27BASplit custody [Repealed]
27CDomestic purposes benefits for women alone [Repealed]
27CADomestic purposes benefits under section 27B or 27C: pre-benefit activities [Repealed]
27DApplicants for domestic purposes benefits for women alone to meet residential qualifications in section 74AA [Repealed]
27EContinuation of benefit when benefit ceases to be payable in respect of children [Repealed]
27FSpecial provisions as to maintenance [Repealed]
27GDomestic purposes benefits for care at home of the sick or infirm [Repealed]
27HRates of domestic purposes benefits [Repealed]
27IInterpretation [Repealed]
27JMaintenance order or agreement suspended while benefit is paid [Repealed]
27KLiable parent to contribute towards cost of benefit and child supplement [Repealed]
27LDirector-General to give liable parent notice of grant of benefit [Repealed]
27MLiable parent to notify Director General of total income, etc [Repealed]
27NDirector-General to assess contribution and notify liable parent [Repealed]
27ONotice of objection [Repealed]
27PGrounds on which objection may be made [Repealed]
27QProcedure to be followed where objection received [Repealed]
27RHearing of objection by court [Repealed]
27SFindings of court [Repealed]
27TAppeal from decisions of courts [Repealed]
27UProceedings not open to public [Repealed]
27VRestriction of publication of reports [Repealed]
27WCosts [Repealed]
27XRecovery of unpaid contributions [Repealed]
27YDeduction notices [Repealed]
27ZEffect of deduction notices [Repealed]
27ZALiability of employer [Repealed]
27ZBProtected earnings [Repealed]
27ZCVariation or discharge of deduction notice [Repealed]
27ZDTransaction fee [Repealed]
27ZEWrongful treatment of employee [Repealed]
27ZFExtent to which deduction notices bind the Crown [Repealed]
27ZGRelief in cases of serious hardship [Repealed]
27ZHReview of contributions [Repealed]
27ZIService of notices, etc, by Director-General [Repealed]
28Orphans’ benefits
29Unsupported child’s benefit
29ARates of orphan’s benefit and unsupported child’s benefit
29BClothing allowance for orphans and unsupported children
30Period for which orphan’s benefit payable [Repealed]
31Orphan’s benefit and unsupported child’s benefit to be used for benefit of child
32Family benefits [Repealed]
33Residential qualifications for family benefit [Repealed]
34Rate of family benefits [Repealed]
35Period for which family benefit payable [Repealed]
36Advance payment of family benefit [Repealed]
37Person to whom family benefit payable [Repealed]
38Family benefit to be expended for maintenance of children [Repealed]
39Payment of family benefit not to restrict right to maintenance, compensation, or damages [Repealed]
39AChild disability allowance
39BRate of child disability allowance
39CMedical examination may be required
39DChild disability allowance not payable with other benefit or pension
39EPerson to whom child disability allowance payable
40ASupported living payment: purpose
40BSupported living payment: on ground of sickness, injury, disability, or total blindness: eligibility and ineligibility
40CSupported living payment: on ground of sickness, injury, disability, or total blindness: medical examination
40DSupported living payment: on ground of caring for patient requiring care: eligibility
40ESupported living payment: on ground of caring for patient requiring care: medical examination
40FSupported living payment: on ground of sickness, injury, disability, or total blindness: beneficiary’s obligations
40GSupported living payment: on ground of sickness, injury, disability, or total blindness: spouse’s or partner’s obligations
40HSupported living payment: on ground of caring for patient requiring care: beneficiary’s obligations
40HASupported living payment: on ground of caring for patient requiring care: spouse’s or partner’s obligations
40ISupported living payment: rates
40JSupported living payment: subsidy on totally blind beneficiaries’ earnings
40KSupported living payment: on ground of sickness, injury, or disability: encouraging open employment
41Residential qualifications for invalids’ benefits [Repealed]
42Rates of invalids’ benefits [Repealed]
42AObligations on spouse or partner of invalid’s beneficiary [Repealed]
44Medical examination of invalids [Repealed]
44ABeneficiary receiving invalid’s benefit may establish whether open employment is sustainable [Repealed]
45Invalids’ beneficiaries may be required to undertake activities [Repealed]
46Refusal to undertake vocational training [Repealed]
47Procedure for assessment of capacity for work [Repealed]
48Assessment of capacity for work [Repealed]
49Content of assessment [Repealed]
50Effect of assessment [Repealed]
51Reassessment [Repealed]
52Funeral grant on death of miner [Repealed]
53Miners’ widows’ benefits [Repealed]
53ARight of appeal on medical grounds [Repealed]
54Sickness benefit: standard eligibility requirements [Repealed]
54ASickness benefit: grounds of hardship [Repealed]
54BSickness benefit: medical examinations [Repealed]
54CSickness benefit: payment [Repealed]
54DRates of sickness benefit [Repealed]
54DASickness beneficiary may be required to comply with work test [Repealed]
54EObligations of spouse or partner of sickness beneficiary [Repealed]
54FTransfer from community wage to sickness benefit on 1 July 2001 [Repealed]
55Rates of sickness benefits [Repealed]
56Medical examination of applicants for sickness benefits [Repealed]
57Period for which sickness benefit payable [Repealed]
58Unemployment benefits [Repealed]
59Rates of unemployment benefits [Repealed]
59AMandatory interview or work test for spouse [Repealed]
59BYoung job seekers’ allowances [Repealed]
59CRates of young job seekers’ allowances [Repealed]
59DSpouse of young job seeker’s allowance recipient [Repealed]
59EPeriod for which young job seeker’s allowance payable [Repealed]
60Commencement of unemployment benefit, etc [Repealed]
60ATraining benefits: purpose [Repealed]
60AATraining benefits: qualifications [Repealed]
60BRates of training benefits [Repealed]
60CPeriod for which training benefit payable [Repealed]
60DJob search allowance [Repealed]
60ERates of job search allowance [Repealed]
60FIndependent youth benefits: basic qualifications [Repealed]
60FAIndependent youth benefits: single persons [Repealed]
60FBIndependent youth benefits: persons who are married, in civil union, or de facto relationship [Repealed]
60FCIndependent youth benefits: persons enrolled in full-time course of secondary instruction [Repealed]
60FDIndependent youth benefits: sickness, injury, or disability [Repealed]
60GRates of independent youth benefit [Repealed]
60GAAPeriod for which independent youth benefit payable [Repealed]
60GABIndependent youth benefits: obligations [Repealed]
60GACDepartment to explain obligations to beneficiaries [Repealed]
60GADPurpose of sections 60GAE and 60GAF
60GAEBeneficiaries having additional dependent child: general
60GAFChief executive may refrain from applying section 60GAE
60GAGObligations to work with contracted service providers
60GAPurposes of sections 60H to 60M [Repealed]
60HVoluntary unemployment or loss of employment through misconduct, etc
60HAWork preparation exercise [Repealed]
60HBEffect of failure to attend or participate in mandatory interview [Repealed]
60HCBeneficiaries to be work-tested [Repealed]
60HCAGeneral duty of Director-General to ensure that work-tested beneficiaries aware of obligations [Repealed]
60HDPower of Director-General to grant exemption from mandatory interview or work test [Repealed]
60HEPersons exempted from mandatory interview or work test to notify change of circumstances [Repealed]
60HFDelay of work test obligation for existing beneficiaries [Repealed]
60IEffect of redundancy payments, etc, on entitlement to benefits [Repealed]
60JFailure to comply with work test [Repealed]
60JAPenalty for failure to attend or participate in mandatory interview or comply with work test [Repealed]
60JBEffect of recompliance with mandatory interview or work test [Repealed]
60JCReduction of benefit or non-entitlement period to end if person ceases to be subject to mandatory interview or work-testing [Repealed]
60KEffect of undertaking employment [Repealed]
60KAEffect of participation in approved activities [Repealed]
60LEffect of sections 60H to 60J and section 60N on entitlement to supplementary benefits and on spouses [Repealed]
60MCommunity task force scheme [Repealed]
60NEffect of failure to participate in community task force project [Repealed]
60OInterpretation [Repealed]
60PPurposes of section 60Q
60QCertain obligations may be placed on beneficiaries and their spouses and partners
60RDepartment to explain obligations to beneficiaries
60RASocial obligations of certain beneficiaries with dependent children
60RABSocial obligations: definitions, work test obligations exemption grounds, and regulations
60RBSocial obligations: department must explain requirements
60RCSocial obligations: sanctions for failures to comply
60SBeneficiary must demonstrate commitment to employment plan at review [Repealed]
60TDepartment must explain rights and obligations in relation to employment plans [Repealed]
60UFailure to comply with employment plan obligations [Repealed]
60VProcedure for determining whether failure is without good and sufficient reason [Repealed]
60WFailure without good and sufficient reasons [Repealed]
60XProcedure for imposing sanctions [Not in force]
60YSanctions for failure to comply with obligations in relation to employment plan [Repealed]
60ZEffect of compliance or agreement to comply [Repealed]
61Chief executive may grant emergency benefit in cases of hardship
61AASocial obligations of person granted emergency benefit
61AObligations of spouse or partner of person granted emergency benefit
61BSpecial provisions in respect of child supplements [Repealed]
61CSpecial powers of chief executive in respect of maintenance
61CAMaintenance payable to Crown
61CBPayment of benefits during epidemic in New Zealand
61CCGranting of emergency benefits during epidemic in New Zealand
61CDDuring epidemic benefits may be granted without normal investigations
61CEOverseas epidemics affecting visitors to New Zealand
61CFSpecial assistance for visitors affected by overseas epidemics
61DARestrictions on payment of funeral grants
61DBPayment of funeral grants where there is a surviving spouse or partner or children
61DCPayment of funeral grants where there is no surviving spouse or partner or children
61DDChildren’s funeral grants
61DEMethod of making payments
61DFMethod of making payments [Repealed]
61DGApplications for lump sum payments after death [Repealed]
61DHPurpose of accommodation supplement
61EAAccommodation supplement
61EBSpecial rules for joint tenants who are married, in civil union, or de facto relationship
61ECRates of accommodation supplement
61FRates of accommodation benefit [Repealed]
61FARent rebate entitlement [Repealed]
61FBRate of rebate [Repealed]
61FCTenure protection allowance [Repealed]
61FDRate of tenure protection allowance [Repealed]
61FEWinter energy payment: purpose
61FFWinter energy payment: interpretation
61FGWinter energy payment: eligibility requirements
61FHWinter energy payment: election not to receive
61FIWinter energy payment: instalments, rates, and payment
61FJWinter energy payment: effect of absence of beneficiary from New Zealand
61GTemporary additional support
61GAChildcare assistance
61HRates of benefits, etc, may be increased by Order in Council
61HAAnnual CPI adjustment of rates of certain benefits
61IRegulations defining accommodation supplement areas
61IAOrders are confirmable instruments
62Grant of benefit after death of applicant
63Conjugal status for benefit purposes
63AProvisions relating to children who continue education
64Mode of ascertaining income for benefit purposes
65Adjustment of anomalies due to receipt of income subject to income tax [Repealed]
66Exemption of income from friendly or like society
66ASpecial exemption for severe disablement
66BRedundancy and retirement payments not to be taken into account in determining rates of benefits
67Exemption of income from domestic or nursing service [Repealed]
68Exemption of income from former home property
68ASpecial provisions applying to insurance payments
69Power to increase rates of benefits payable to parents of deceased members of the forces or mercantile marine
69ATelephone-service-rental allowance [Repealed]
69BTelevision-licence-fee concessions [Repealed]
69CDisability allowance
69DTransition to work allowance [Repealed]
69EInterpretation [Repealed]
69FFinancial means assessments [Repealed]
69FAFinancial means assessments for home-based disability support services
69GReasonable steps to be taken to obtain overseas pension
69HInformation on rate of overseas pension to be provided
69IDuty of chief executive to assist
70Rate of benefits if overseas pension payable
70ARates of benefits for sole parents may be reduced
70BEntitlement to benefits in cases of shared custody
71Special provisions where compensation or damages recoverable by applicant
71ADeduction of weekly compensation from income-tested benefits
72Limitation where applicant receiving another benefit or pension
73Limitation where applicant entitled to claim under Family Protection Act 1955
74Limitation in certain other cases
74AAResidential requirements for certain benefits
74APersons unlawfully resident or present in New Zealand
75Beneficiaries in hospital
75ABeneficiaries in treatment centres under Substance Addiction (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 2017
75BEffect on benefit of warrant to arrest beneficiary
76Forfeiture of benefit during detention in a prison
77Effect of absence of beneficiary from New Zealand: provisions
77AEffect of absence of beneficiary from New Zealand: department must explain provisions
78Effect of absence of beneficiary from New Zealand on residential qualification
79Persons who have had income tax deducted or withheld on earnings from employment overseas to be treated as resident and present in New Zealand
80Commencement of benefits
80AAMinister may allow back-dating of benefit where earlier failure to grant it based on error
80ADuty to advise change of circumstances affecting entitlement to benefit
80BACalculation of stand down
80BBDelayed redundancy and retirement payments
80BCSeasonal workers made redundant after benefit commences
80BDEnding of benefits
80BEExpiry and re-grant of specified benefits
80BFRequirements for re-grant of specified benefits
80CEffect of work test on entitlement to supplementary benefits and on spouses or partners
80DBenefit applications by claimants under Accident Compensation Act 2001
81Review of benefits
82Payment of benefits
82ADuty to supply tax file number and consequence of failure to do so
83Apportionment of benefit between spouses or partners
83AAApportionment of benefit between spouses or partners: one is liable for proportion other obtained by fraud if that one knew, or ought to have known, about other’s fraud
83ATax on benefits
84Benefits to be inalienable
84APayment of benefit not to restrict right to maintenance
85Termination of benefit on death of beneficiary [Repealed]
85APayments that are debts due to the Crown: general
85BPayments that are debts due to the Crown: examples
86Recovery of payments made in excess of authorised rates
86AARecovery from spouse or partner of unapportioned excess amount beneficiary obtained by fraud
86ADeduction notices for debt
86BIssue of deduction notice to State sector employer
86CDischarge of debt
86DDeduction notices issued on banks
86EDeductions held in trust
86FOffences in relation to deduction notices
86GProtected earnings
86HVariation or discharge of deduction notice
86IPenalty for late deductions
86KValidation of benefit payments and other payments in respect of certain children in care
87Purposes of this Part [Repealed]
88Overview of this Part [Repealed]
88BJobseeker support: standard eligibility requirements
88CJobseeker support: grounds of hardship
88DJobseeker support: ineligibility
88EJobseeker support: on ground of sickness, injury, or disability: medical examination
88FJobseeker support: obligations on beneficiaries
88GJobseeker support: obligations of spouse or partner of person granted it
88HJobseeker support: application for deferral of work test obligations
88IJobseeker support: chief executive’s powers and duties to defer work test obligations
88JJobseeker support: effect of deferral
88KJobseeker support: deferred or exempted people must notify change of circumstances
88LJobseeker support: payment
88MJobseeker support: rates
89Unemployment benefit: standard eligibility requirements [Repealed]
90Unemployment benefit: grounds of hardship [Repealed]
91Unemployment benefit: ineligibility [Repealed]
92Community wage: application on grounds of sickness, injury, or disability [Repealed]
93Community wage: determination of application [Repealed]
93AAdditional fees for general medical services on public holidays and at night [Repealed]
94Community wage: job seeker contract [Repealed]
94ARural practice bonuses [Repealed]
95Job seeker contract for other beneficiaries [Repealed]
96Community wage: not payable until job seeker contract signed [Repealed]
96AUnemployment benefit: pre-benefit activities [Repealed]
96BDepartment must explain obligations in relation to pre-benefit activities [Repealed]
97Unemployment benefit: obligations on beneficiaries [Repealed]
97AImmunisation benefit [Repealed]
98Unemployment benefit: payment [Repealed]
99Unemployment benefit: rates [Repealed]
99AAUnemployment benefit: expiry [Repealed]
99ABUnemployment benefit: requirements for re-grant [Repealed]
99ATransfer from community wage to unemployment benefit on 1 July 2001 [Repealed]
100Department’s obligations in respect of work testing and community wage [Repealed]
100AExtension of power of use by Crown of patented invention [Repealed]
100BChief executive may require person to undergo assessment
100DAssessment or reassessment: department must explain requirements
101Purpose of sections 102 to 123D
102Application of work test
102AWork test obligations
102BWork test obligations: drug testing obligations
102CWork test obligations: drug testing obligations on referral to opportunity of suitable employment
102DWork test obligations: drug testing obligations: challenging sanction based solely on failing screening drug test
102EWork test obligations: drug testing obligations: use and communication of drug test results
103Delayed application of work test: age of dependent child [Repealed]
104Delayed application of work test: bereavement or separation [Repealed]
104ATransitional provision dealing with deferrals
105Exemption from obligations
105ADescription of job seeker agreement and responsibilities arising from it [Repealed]
105BEntering into and reviewing job seeker agreement [Repealed]
105CDepartment to explain to beneficiaries their rights and obligations
105DJob seeker contracts to have effect as job seeker agreements [Repealed]
106Application for deferral of work-test obligations [Repealed]
107Chief executive may defer work-test obligations [Repealed]
108Effect of deferral [Repealed]
109Persons who are to notify change of circumstances affecting exemption or deferral [Repealed]
110Defining job seeker development activities [Repealed]
111Assistance provided by department
112Organised activities to have effect as job seeker development activities [Repealed]
113Procedure for imposing sanctions
115Failure to comply with work test [Repealed]
115AFailure to comply with obligations under section 60GAB [Repealed]
116Failure to participate in activity under section 60HA [Repealed]
116AFailure to comply with obligations under section 60Q(2) [Repealed]
116BFailures to comply with obligations
116CGood and sufficient reasons for specified failures to comply
117Sanctions that may be imposed for failures
118Penalties for failure to participate in organised activity to satisfaction of chief executive [Repealed]
119Calculation of failure rate
120Modified effect in some cases of sanctions on rate of benefit for people married or in civil union or de facto relationship
120ACosts incurred by Authority [Repealed]
121Effect of sanctions on benefit of sole parent
122Meaning of recompliance
122ARecomplying after second failure to comply with drug testing obligations
123Effect of ceasing to be subject to obligation to comply with work test or section 170 or 171, social obligation, or work preparation obligation
123AEffect of employment on non-entitlement period
123BEffect of participation in certain activities on non-entitlement period
123CApplication of Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and Human Rights Act 1993
123EServices to encourage young persons to move into or remain in education, training, and employment
123FChief executive may enter into information-sharing agreement with chief executive of Ministry of Education
123GConsultation on proposed agreement [Repealed]
123HAgreements to be reviewed after 3 years [Repealed]
124Money payable out of Crown Bank Account
125AAPreferred supply of goods or services for beneficiaries or others
125Advances to beneficiaries and war pensioners for repair or maintenance of home, etc [Repealed]
125AChief executive may contract with service providers
125BContracts with service providers: contents and form
125CRelease of personal information to and by contracted service provider
125DInformation-sharing in relation to young persons
125EChief executive may adopt existing contracts
125FInformation on provision of contracted services to be published
125GActions of contracted service providers in relation to young persons to be treated for certain purposes as if actions of department
125HOperation of certain provisions to be reviewed after 3 years
125IComplaints to Privacy Commissioner
126Cost of repair and replacement of artificial limbs
126AInformation on beneficiaries and former beneficiaries may be disclosed to Ministry of Justice for fines enforcement purposes
126ABDisclosure of personal information to Registrar-General for birth registration purposes
126ACDisclosure to department of warrant to arrest beneficiary for determining effect on benefit
126BCertain grounds of discrimination in Human Rights Act 1993 not to apply
127Offences: false statements, misleading, or attempting to mislead, to receive or continue to receive benefits
127AOffences: spouse or partner benefiting from excess amount knowing, or being reckless about whether, it is obtained by beneficiary’s fraud
128Time for filing charging document
129General penalty for offences
130Exemptions from stamp duty [Repealed]
131ADisclosure of information between Department of Social Welfare and Department of Labour [Repealed]
131BDefinitions for purposes of sections 131C and 131D [Repealed]
131CNotice of decision to suspend, reduce, or cancel work-tested benefit [Repealed]
131DReduction of notice period [Repealed]
131ENotices [Repealed]
131FJurisdiction of Privacy Commissioner [Repealed]
131GPrivacy Commissioner to report on compliance with section 131C [Repealed]
132AARegulations exempting items from treatment as income or cash assets may have retrospective effect
132ABRegulations relating to temporary additional support
132ARegulations providing for issue and use of entitlement cards
132ACRegulations relating to childcare assistance
132ADRegulations on use of disability allowance to fund specified expenses
132BRegulations providing for assessment of financial means of people requiring disability services [Repealed]
132CRegulations relating to overseas pensions
132DRegulations exempting income and assets from assessment of financial means of people requiring certain disability services
132ERegulations relating to work capacity assessment [Repealed]
132FRegulations providing for participation allowance
132GRegulations providing for remittance or suspension of debt
132HRules providing for determination of incomes of certain people by chief executive
132IRules relating to determination by chief executive of deprivation of property or income
132JRegulations stating pre-benefit activities
132KRegulations relating to advance payments of benefit
132LRegulations relating to effect on benefit of warrant to arrest beneficiary
132MRegulations relating to expiry and re-grant of specified benefits
133Annual reports
134Consequential amendment [Repealed]
135Repeals and savings
136AAPurpose of this Part
136ABOverview of this Part
137Needs assessment
138Effect of being assessed as requiring long-term residential care in hospital or rest home indefinitely
139Personal obligation to pay for care
140Funder’s liability in respect of persons whose assets are above applicable asset threshold or who have not been means assessed
141Funder’s liability in respect of persons whose assets are equal to or below applicable asset threshold
142Funder’s liability in respect of exempt persons and elderly victims of crime
143Residents assessed as requiring care aged 50 to 64 not required to pay out of assets
144Application for means assessment
145Date of means assessment
146Means assessment as to assets
147Means assessment as to income
147ADeprivation of assets and income
148Notice of means assessment (including reviews)
149Obligation to advise change of circumstances and right to apply for review
150Review of means assessment
151Conjugal status for purpose of means assessment
152Maximum contributions set by Gazette notice
153Residential care loan scheme
154Clothing allowance
155Regulations relating to this Part
158Youth payment: basic criteria
159Youth payment: single young persons
160Youth payment: young persons who are or have been married, or in civil union or de facto relationship
161Youth payment: ground of hardship
162Youth payment: continuation after age 18
163Youth payment: rate and components
164Young parent payment: basic criteria
165Young parent payment: single young persons
166Young parent payment: persons who are or have been married, or in civil union or de facto relationship
167Young parent payment: ground of hardship
168Young parent payment: continuation after turning 20
169Young parent payment: rate and components
170Youth support payments: obligations
171Obligations of, and incentives for, spouses and partners of specified beneficiaries
172Department to explain obligations to young person
173Sanctions for failure by young person receiving youth payment to comply with obligations under section 170
174Sanctions for failure by young person receiving young parent payment to comply with obligations under section 170
174ASanctions for failure by young spouse or partner of specified beneficiary to comply with obligations
174ABSanctions for failure by young person required to receive youth services to comply with obligations
175Effect of sanctions on supplementary benefits
176Sanctions generally
177Effect of sanction on young parent payment
178Incentive payment may be cancelled if young person’s actions inconsistent with purpose
179Money management in relation to youth support payments: general
180Young person beneficiaries may elect money management
181Chief executive may assign contracted service provider to young person
Reprint notes

An Act to consolidate and amend the Social Security Act 1938 and its amendments