Social Security Act 1964

  • repealed
  • Social Security Act 1964: repealed, on 26 November 2018, by section 455(1) of the Social Security Act 2018 (2018 No 32).

Part 1F Administration: further conditions of benefits, and obligations on beneficiaries

Part 1F heading: inserted, on 15 July 2013, by section 62 of the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 13).

60GAD Purpose of sections 60GAE and 60GAF

The purpose of sections 60GAE and 60GAF is to improve the financial and social outcomes for families that include people to whom those sections apply by providing earlier access to employment services and expectations, while recognising the care and development needs of children.

Section 60GAD: inserted, on 15 October 2012, by section 39 of the Social Security (Youth Support and Work Focus) Amendment Act 2012 (2012 No 50).