Airport Authorities Act 1966

4 Additional powers of airport authorities


In the exercise of its powers under section 3, and any other powers which it has, any airport authority may from time to time—


improve, maintain, operate, or manage an airport, whether or not the airport was established under this Act:


improve, maintain, operate, or manage an airport which has been added to, improved, or reconstructed by Her Majesty, or by some other authority, body, or person since the establishment of the airport:


establish, improve, maintain, operate, or manage an airport on any land, whether or not the land is wholly or partly owned by the airport authority:


improve, add to, alter, or reconstruct any airport or any part of an airport maintained or operated by the airport authority:


establish, operate, or manage, or cause to be established, operated, or managed at airports, refreshment rooms, book stalls, booking offices, travel agencies, and such other facilities as may be considered necessary:


enter into and carry out any agreement or arrangement necessary for the exercise of any power or function conferred on the airport authority by this Act.


Every airport company may—


borrow such amounts of money on such terms and conditions and from such persons as it from time to time thinks fit; and


acquire, hold, and dispose of such real and personal property as it from time to time thinks fit.


Every airport operated or managed by an airport authority must be operated or managed as a commercial undertaking.

Section 4: replaced, on 26 November 1998, by section 4(1) of the Airport Authorities Amendment Act 1997 (1997 No 90).