Niue Constitution Act 1974

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Schedule 2
The Constitution of Niue (English language version)


Part I
The Executive Government of Niue

1 Executive authority vested in the Crown

The Cabinet

2 Cabinet of Ministers of Niue

3 Ministers to be collectively responsible

4 Premier of Niue

5 Appointment of Ministers after election of Premier

6 Vote of confidence in Cabinet

7 Vacation of office by Ministers

8 Temporary Ministers

9 Acting Premier

10 Official oath

11 Allocation of responsibilities to Ministers

12 Meetings of Cabinet

13 Rules, other enactments, and decisions of Cabinet

14 Clerk of the Cabinet

The Seal of Niue

15 Seal of Niue

Part II
The Legislative Government of Niue

The Niue Assembly

16 Niue Assembly

17 Nationality and residential qualifications of electors and candidates

18 Public servants may become candidates or be elected

19 Members disqualified from becoming public servants or interested in Government contracts

20 Speaker of Niue Assembly

21 Members to take Oath of Allegiance

22 Procedure of Niue Assembly

23 Languages

24 Privileges of Niue Assembly and its members

25 Remuneration of Premier, other Ministers, other members of the Niue Assembly, and the Speaker

26 Dissolution of Niue Assembly

27 Clerk of the Niue Assembly

The Making of Laws

28 Power to make laws

29 Introduction of Bills, etc, into Niue Assembly

30 Restrictions with regard to financial measures

31 Special provisions with regard to measures affecting the criminal law or personal status

32 Special provisions with regard to measures affecting the Niue Public Service

33 Special provisions with regard to measures affecting Niuean land

34 When Bills become law

35 Power of the Niue Assembly to repeal or amend this Constitution

36 New Zealand Parliament not to legislate for Niue, and New Zealand subordinate legislation not to apply to Niue, except with consent

Part III
The Judiciary

The High Court of Niue

37 High Court established

38 Judges and Commissioners of the High Court

39 Jurisdiction of Commissioners of the High Court

The Land Court of Niue

40 Land Court established

41 Judges and Commissioners of the Land Court

42 Jurisdiction of Commissioners of the Land Court

The Land Appellate Court of Niue

43 Land Appellate Court of Niue

44 Judges of the Land Appellate Court

Appointment, Tenure of Office, and Salaries of Judges and Commissioners

45 Appointment of Judges and Commissioners

46 Tenure of office of Judges and Commissioners

47 Temporary Judges and Commissioners

48 Acting Chief Justice of the High Court and Acting Chief Judge of the Land Court

49 Removal of Judges and Commissioners from office

50 Salaries of Judges and Commissioners

Appeals From the High Court

51 Appeal from High Court to Court of Appeal of New Zealand

52 Transmission of order of Court of Appeal on appeal

Justices of the Peace

53 Justices of the Peace

Oath of Allegiance and Judicial Oath

54 Oath of Allegiance and Judicial Oath

Comment by Chief Justice on Certain Bills

55 Chief Justice to comment on certain Bills

Part IV
The Public Revenues of Niue

56 Legislative control of public revenue and expenditure

57 Niue Government Account

58 Annual estimates and appropriations

59 Cabinet to supervise expenditure

60 Audit

Part V
Health, Education, and Other Social Services

61 Health, education, and other social services

Part VI
The Niue Public Service

62 Niue Public Service

63 Secretary to the Government

Niue Public Service Commission

64 Niue Public Service Commission

65 Acting members of Commission

66 Procedure of Commission

67 Delegation of powers

Management of Niue Public Service

68 Functions and powers of Commission

69 Appointments to Niue Public Service

Reports and Recommendations to Assembly

70 Commission to make certain reports and recommendations to Assembly

Part VII
Transitional Provisions

71 Existing law to continue

72 Premier and Cabinet

73 Niue Assembly

74 The High Court

75 The Land Court

76 The Land Appellate Court

77 Appeals from High Court

78 Justices of the Peace

79 Public revenues

80 The Niue Public Service

81 Seal of Niue


82 Interpretation