Statistics Act 1975

Before its repeal, this Act was administered by: Statistics New Zealand
  • repealed
  • Statistics Act 1975: repealed, on 1 September 2022, by section 102 of the Data and Statistics Act 2022 (2022 No 39).
37A Statistician authorised to disclose certain information

Notwithstanding section 37, the Statistician may disclose the following information:


information supplied by a person or undertaking in respect of which disclosure is consented to in writing by the person, or a competent officer of the undertaking, who or which supplied it:


information available to the public under any Act or public document:


information in the form of an index or list of the names and addresses of individual undertakings, together with the industrial classification allotted to them and the number of persons engaged:


details of external trade, movement of ships, and cargo handled at ports:


with the approval of the Minister, such particulars respecting individual fire, accident, and life insurance offices as are desirable in the public interest, not being information received through the Inland Revenue Department:


information supplied by a local authority.

Section 37A: replaced, on 14 August 1985, by section 7(1) of the Statistics Amendment Act 1985 (1985 No 119).