20 Disclosure of certain matters not to be required


Where the Attorney-General certifies that the giving of any information or the answering of any question or the production of any document or paper or thing—


might prejudice the security, defence, or international relations of New Zealand (including New Zealand’s relations with the government of any other country or with any international organisation), or the investigation or detection of offences; or


might involve the disclosure of the deliberations of Cabinet; or


might involve the disclosure of proceedings of Cabinet, or of any committee of Cabinet, relating to matters of a secret or confidential nature, and would be injurious to the public interest—

an Ombudsman shall not require the information or answer to be given or, as the case may be, the document or paper or thing to be produced.


Subject to the provisions of subsection (1), the rule of law which authorises or requires the withholding of any document or paper, or the refusal to answer any question, on the ground that the disclosure of the document or paper or the answering of the question would be injurious to the public interest shall not apply in respect of any investigation by or proceedings before an Ombudsman.

Compare: 1962 No 10 s 17