21A Consultation with Privacy Commissioner

Notwithstanding anything in section 21, an Ombudsman may from time to time undertake consultation with the Privacy Commissioner under the Privacy Act 2020 in relation to any matter relating to the functions of the Ombudsman, including (without limitation) consultation—


for the purposes of making a determination under section 17A:


in relation to any matter arising out of or in the course of an investigation under this Act or any other enactment:


in relation to any matter relating to privacy, whether or not the matter arises out of a particular complaint made under this Act,—

and for the purposes of any such consultation, an Ombudsman may disclose to the Privacy Commissioner such information as the Ombudsman considers necessary for that purpose.

Section 21A: inserted, on 1 July 1993, by section 3 of the Ombudsmen Amendment Act 1993 (1993 No 34).

Section 21A: amended, on 1 December 2020, by section 217 of the Privacy Act 2020 (2020 No 31).