Reserves Act 1977

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Version as at 28 October 2021

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Reserves Act 1977

Public Act
1977 No 66
Date of assent
23 December 1977
see section 1(2)

The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

This Act is administered by the Department of Conservation.


1Short Title and commencement
3General purpose of this Act
4Minister may require reports as to land to be reserved or otherwise protected
5Restricting application of this Act
5ADirector-General to administer special leases and grazing permits over certain reserves
6Powers of Minister in cases of doubt
7Director of Reserves
10Delegation of Minister’s powers
11Department may engage persons on contract
12Minister’s powers
13Governor-General may declare reserve to be national reserve
14Local authority may declare land vested in it to be a reserve
15Minister may authorise exchange of reserves for other land
15AAAdministering body may authorise exchange of recreation reserve land for other land
15AGeneral policy
16Classification of reserves
16AApplication of section 16 to nature and scientific reserves after commencement of Crown Minerals Amendment Act 2013
17Recreation reserves
18Historic reserves
19Scenic reserves
20Nature reserves
21Scientific reserves
22Government purpose reserves
23Local purpose reserves
24Change of classification or purpose or revocation of reserves
24AChange of purpose of reserve by territorial authority or regional council
25Effect of revocation of reserve or change of classification or purpose
26Vesting of reserves
26AVesting of certain reserves
27Cancelling vesting of reserves
28Appointing a local authority to control and manage a reserve
29Appointing a voluntary organisation to control and manage a reserve
30Appointing a board to control and manage a reserve
31Term of office of members of boards
32Meetings of boards
33Form of contracts of boards
34Members of boards not personally liable
35Appointing trustees to control and manage reserve vested in Crown
36Appointing Minister of the Crown to control and manage reserve
37Administering body may control and manage more than 1 reserve
38Control and management of land that is not a reserve
39Provision of technical assistance to administering body
39AAnnual financial statements
39BFinancial statements may comply with standards rather than generally accepted accounting practice
40Functions of administering body
40AConservation management strategies
40BConservation management plans in respect of reserves administered by Department
41Management plans
42Preservation of trees and bush
43Fencing and maintenance of reserves
44Unauthorised use of reserve
45Erection of shelters, huts, cabins, and lodges
46Grant of rights to Maori
47Wilderness areas
48Grants of rights of way and other easements
48AUse of reserve for communications station
49Taking of specimens
50Taking or killing of fauna
51Introduction of flora and fauna
51AIntroduction of biological control organisms
52Union of reserves
53Powers (other than leasing) in respect of recreation reserves
54Leasing powers in respect of recreation reserves (except farming, grazing, or afforestation leases)
55Powers (other than leasing) in respect of scenic reserves
56Leasing powers in respect of scenic reserves
57Powers in respect of nature reserves
58Powers in respect of historic reserves
58ALeasing powers in respect of historic reserves
59Powers in respect of scientific reserves
59AGranting of concessions on reserves administered by Crown
60Powers in respect of government purpose reserves
61Powers (including leasing) in respect of local purpose reserves
61ALeases in respect of reserves for aerodrome purposes
62Powers of Commissioner
63Reserves not vested in the Crown
64Administering body may purchase land on deferred payments
66Club may use reserve on conditions
68Application of revenue
69Annual statement of accounts and report
70Special Acts dealing with racecourse reserves to be read subject to this Act
71Farming by administering body
72Farming by another person or body
73Leasing of recreation reserves for farming, grazing, afforestation, or other purposes
74Licences to occupy reserves temporarily
75Afforestation by administering body
76Declaration of protected private land
77Conservation covenants
77ANga Whenua Rahui kawenata
78Application of revenue from reserves
79Funds of administering bodies
80Expenditure of funds
81Unauthorised expenditure
82Application of proceeds of land where reservation revoked
83Application of proceeds from exchange
84Minister may authorise diversion of money
85Minister may authorise expenditure of money on land that is not a reserve
85AMinister may authorise certain administering bodies to spend proceeds from certain reserves for other purposes
86Payment of rates on Maori reservations
87Payment of rates on protected private land
88Financial statements and audit
88ACrown entities
89Contributions and advances by local authorities
90Borrowing powers of administering body
91Administering body may have debit in accounts in anticipation of revenue
92Relief of lessees and licensees of reserves
93Powers of constables, rangers, and other officers
94Offences on reserves
95Seizure and forfeiture of property
96Trespassing animals
97Damage by fire
98Offences with respect to officers or rangers
99Time for filing charging document
100Stopping and searching of boats
100ARemoval of boats in certain circumstances
101Proceedings in respect of offences
102Evidence of offences
102APenalties for certain offences
102BPenalties for offences committed for commercial gain or reward
104Penalty for breach of bylaws
104ASentence of community work
105Application of fines
105ARelationship between infringement offences and other offences
105BUnauthorised actions in reserves
105DUsing or receiving items removed unlawfully from reserve
105EAltering boundary marks or items issued by Minister, Department, or administering body
105FFailure to remove animal, vehicle, aircraft, or boat
105GUnauthorised entry
105HAnchoring or mooring of boat in breach of notice or permit
105IDamage by fire
105JProceedings for infringement offences
105KWho may issue infringement notices
105LInfringement notices
105MReminder notices
105NPayment of infringement fees
105OPenalties for infringement offences
107Procedure for making bylaws
108Bylaws to be approved by Minister
109Application of Mining Act 1971 and Coal Mines Act 1925 to reserves
110Removal and disposal of vehicles and boats
111Road reserve may be dedicated as a road
112Registrar-General of Land not to give effect to dealings not in conformity with trusts
113Form of leases and licences of reserves
114Variation of covenants, terms, and conditions in leases and licences
115Transfers, subleases, and mortgages
116Record of title in respect of reserves
117Commissioner may execute documents on behalf of the Crown
118Commissioner may act in proceedings on behalf of the Crown
120Rights of objection and of making submissions
121Minister may give conditional consent or approval
122Special provisions as to reserves administered under Tourist and Health Resorts Control Act 1908
122AControl of dogs
123ARegulations relating to infringement offences

An Act to consolidate and amend certain enactments of the Parliament of New Zealand relating to public reserves, to make further provision for their acquisition, control, management, maintenance, preservation (including the protection of the natural environment), development, and use, and to make provision for public access to the coastline and the countryside

Title: amended, on 1 January 1987, pursuant to section 29(2) of the Constitution Act 1986 (1986 No 114).