Reserves Act 1977

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50 Taking or killing of fauna


The Minister, in the case of any scenic, historic, nature, or scientific reserve, and the administering body, in the case of any recreation, government purpose, or local purpose reserve, may from time to time, subject to such conditions as may be imposed in that behalf by the Minister or the administering body, as the case may be, authorise any person to take and kill any specified kind of fauna that may be found therein, and may for that purpose, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Act, authorise the use of firearms, traps, nets, or other like objects within the reserve:

provided that neither the Minister nor the administering body shall authorise the taking or killing for commercial purposes of any indigenous fauna in any reserve, unless it was a condition of the establishment of that reserve that the donor, vendor, or lessor, as the case may be, of the land has reserved the right to take or kill for commercial purposes that species of fauna in the reserve.


Any authorisation under subsection (1), and any authorisation in any case where the administering body has decided that all or any part of a recreation reserve or government purpose reserve for wildlife management purposes may be used pursuant to bylaws made under this Act for the hunting or killing of game or the catching of acclimatised fish, shall be in writing.


Subsections (1) and (2) shall apply only where the taking and killing of fauna would not be in contravention of Part 5B of the Conservation Act 1987, or of the Wildlife Act 1953, or of any regulations or Proclamation or notification under those Acts.

Compare: 1953 No 69 s 61

Section 50(3): amended, on 13 March 1996, by section 7 of the Reserves Amendment Act 1996 (1996 No 3).