Road User Charges Act 1977

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Reprint as at 1 May 2011

Road User Charges Act 1977

Public Act1977 No 124
Date of assent23 December 1977


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this eprint.

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This Act is administered in the Ministry of Transport.



1 Short Title and commencement

2 Interpretation

3 Act to bind Crown

4 Motor vehicles exempted from this Act

Part 1
Road user licences

Motor vehicles not to be on road unless licensed under this Act

5 Certain motor vehicles to have distance licences

6 Certain motor vehicles to have time licences

7 Weight limit of distance licence may be increased by supplementary licence

Issue of licences

8 Applications for licences

9 Road User Charges

10 Issue of licences

10A Current licence to be delivered to purchaser on sale of vehicle

11 Issue of new licence where mistake made

12 Issue of duplicate licence on loss, etc, of original licence [Repealed]

13 Issue of new licence where distance recorder replaced [Repealed]

Refunds and surrender of licences

14 Refund of distance licence charge where supplementary licence issued

15 Refund of current distance licence charge where new distance licence issued

16 Refunds and remissions for off-road travel

16A Remission of debt where off-road travel [Repealed]

17 Surrender of road user licences

17A Verification of application for refund or remission

18 Further provisions relating to refunds

Inquiry and assessment by District Court Judge

18A District Court Judge may hold inquiry on application of chief executive

18B Provisions relating to inquiries

18C District Court Judge may make assessment

18D District Court Judge may make assessment by consent

General provisions

19 Display of licences

20 Power to alter rates of road user charges by Order in Council

21 Distance and supplementary licences for certain motor vehicles become invalid 1 month after road user charge rate increased

21A Additional charges for default in payment of amounts due

22 Road user charges to be paid into national land transport fund

22AA Other amounts received under this Act

22A Restrictions on fitting and repair of hubodometers

22B Restrictions on sale of hubodometers

23 Offences

23A Evidence in proceedings

23B Admissibility of certain statements

23C Power to inspect records

23D Delegation of chief executive's functions or powers to persons outside Ministry

24 Regulations and Orders in Council

Part 2
Amendments to other Acts

Amendments to Transport Act 1962

25 Powers of constables and traffic officers

26 Repeal of provisions relating to heavy-traffic licences

27 Refund of motor spirits duty [Repealed]

28 Amount of motor spirits duty credited to Consolidated Revenue Account, and refunds of such duty, may be altered by Order in Council [Repealed]

29 Repeal of provisions relating to mileage tax [Repealed]

30 Evidence of testing and accuracy of weighing devices [Repealed]

31 Consequential repeals

Amendments to National Roads Act 1953

32 Board to submit budget to Minister each year [Repealed]

33 Amount payable to local authorities for collection of heavy-traffic fees [Repealed]

34 National Roads Fund [Repealed]

35 Allocation of estimated revenue of Fund [Repealed]

36 Board to prepare programme of road works [Repealed]

Schedule 1
Vehicle type numbers for distance and supplementary licences

Schedule 2
Off-road motor vehicles

Schedule 3
Road user charges

Reprint notes

An Act to impose a charge for the use of roads by heavy vehicles and certain other vehicles; and to abolish mileage tax and heavy-traffic licensing