Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978

22 Marine mammal sanctuaries


Subject to this section, the Minister may, by notice in the Gazette, define any place and declare it to be a marine mammal sanctuary, and may in like manner, after considering any submissions in writing he may have received within 28 days after the date of publication of a notice in the Gazette indicating his intention, vary, redefine, or abolish the sanctuary.


Where any other Minister of the Crown has the control of any Crown-owned land, foreshore, seabed, or waters of the sea which is declared to be a marine mammal sanctuary or which forms part of one, the consent of that Minister to the declaration shall be notified concurrently with the notice given under subsection (1).


When defining and declaring a sanctuary under this section, the Minister may specify the activities that may or may not be engaged in within the sanctuary, and may impose restrictions in respect of the sanctuary.


No marine mammal sanctuary shall be declared in any Maritime or National Park, in any reserve within the meaning of the Reserves Act 1977, or in any marine reserve declared under the Marine Reserves Act 1971.


Every constable, and every ranger appointed under section 38 of the Wildlife Act 1953, section 27 of the National Parks Act 1952, or under section 8 of the Reserves Act 1977 shall have the authority to exercise any of the powers conferred on a ranger under section 39 of the Wildlife Act 1953 in any marine mammal sanctuary.