5 Disorderly behaviour on private premises


Where 3 or more persons, each of whom has been convicted of a relevant offence within the previous 2 years, conduct themselves on any private premises in such a manner as to cause persons in the neighbourhood of those premises to fear on reasonable grounds that those 3 or more persons will commit or cause any other person to commit any relevant offence in that neighbourhood or elsewhere, each of those 3 or more persons is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months or a fine not exceeding $2,000.


In this section relevant offence means—


any offence of, or of which an ingredient is,—


assault; or


threatening or offensive or disorderly behaviour; or


possession of offensive weapons:


an offence against section 86 (unlawful assembly) or section 87 (riot) of the Crimes Act 1961.

Compare: 1927 No 35 s 34A; 1976 No 157 s 2

Section 5(1): amended, on 1 January 1998, by section 7 of the Summary Offences Amendment Act 1997 (1997 No 97).