26 Exemptions for pharmacists


Notwithstanding section 17, but subject to subsections (2) and (3) and to the other provisions of this Act and to any regulations made under this Act, a pharmacist may manufacture, pack, label, sell, and supply any medicine.


The authority conferred by subsection (1) shall extend only to the manufacture, packing, labelling, selling, or supplying of medicines,—


in the case of a pharmacist employed in a hospital, in the course of that pharmacist’s employment as a pharmacist in that hospital:


in any other case, by a pharmacist in a pharmacy.


Subsection (1) shall not authorise—


the sale or supply of any medicine, except—


pursuant to an order given or a request made by the person to whom the medicine is sold or supplied; or


in the ordinary course of business with reference to the needs expressed by that person; or


the sale or supply of a prescription medicine otherwise than pursuant to a prescription.


Subject to subsection (2), nothing in section 20 or section 24 shall apply in respect of the sale or supply by a pharmacist of a medicine compounded by that pharmacist to suit the needs of a particular person.

Compare: 1960 No 97 ss 11(1), (2)(c), 13(1)(a), (2), 14(1)(a)