Quality and standards

35 Revocation and suspension of consents


The Minister may at any time, by notice in the Gazette, revoke, or suspend for such period as he may determine, any consent given under section 20 or section 23, if he is of the opinion that—


the medicine can no longer be regarded as a medicine that can be administered or used safely for the purposes indicated in the application for consent, or in a notice deposited under section 24; or


the specifications and standards with respect to the manufacture of the medicine that were included in the terms of a consent can no longer be regarded as satisfactory; or


the efficacy of the medicine can no longer be regarded as satisfactory.


Where a consent is suspended under this section, it shall be deemed for the purposes of subsections (2) and (4) of section 20 not to have been granted.

Compare: Medicines Act 1968 s 28, Schedule 2 (UK)