Medicines Act 1981

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44 Containers and packages of medicines


Except as may be permitted by regulations made under this Act, no person shall, in the course of any business, pack, store, sell, supply, or cause to be transported any medicine, unless—


the medicine is in a container that—


is impervious to the medicine; and


is so constructed that it can be readily and effectively resealed after any portion of the contents has been used; and


is of the prescribed character or type; and


is labelled in the prescribed manner; and


if the container is enclosed in a package that is required to be of a prescribed character or type, or to be labelled in a prescribed manner, the package is of that character or type, or is labelled in that manner.


Notwithstanding subsection (1)(a)(ii), where—


the container bears a label with directions to the effect that the whole of the contents must be used immediately on opening; and


the quantity and nature of the contents are such that it is unlikely that less than the whole of the contents will be used on any one occasion—

the container need not be of a type that can be readily and effectively resealed.


Every person commits an offence against this Act who contravenes subsection (1).

Compare: 1960 No 97 s 22