55G Exemption for mortgagees in possession


Despite sections 55D and 55E, a mortgagee in possession of a pharmacy may be granted a licence to operate that pharmacy for a period of 3 months or, subject to any conditions that the licensing authority imposes, for any extended period or periods permitted by the licensing authority.


In this section, mortgagee in possession has the same meaning as in section 4 of the Property Law Act 2007.

Compare: 1970 No 143 s 47

Section 55G: inserted, on 18 September 2004, by section 17 of the Medicines Amendment Act 2003 (2003 No 50).

Section 55G(2): amended, on 1 January 2008, by section 364(1) of the Property Law Act 2007 (2007 No 91).