Medicines Act 1981

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Part 4 Medical advertisements

56 Interpretation

In this Part, unless the context otherwise requires,—

advertisement means any words, whether written, printed, or spoken, and any pictorial representation or design, used or appearing to be used to promote the sale of medicines or medical devices or the use of any method of treatment; and includes any trade circular, any label, and any advertisement in a trade journal; and advertising and advertised have corresponding meanings

medical advertisement means an advertisement relating, or likely to cause any person to believe that it relates, to any medicine or medical device or any ingredient or component thereof, or to any method of treatment

method of treatment means any method of treatment for reward undertaken, or represented to be undertaken, for a therapeutic purpose

publish means—


insert in any newspaper or other periodical publication printed or published in New Zealand; or


send to any person through the Post Office or otherwise; or


deliver to any person or leave upon premises in the occupation of any person; or


broadcast within the meaning of the Broadcasting Act 1989; or


bring to the notice of the public in New Zealand in any other manner.

Compare: 1969 No 7 s 2; 1979 No 27 s 2

Section 56 publish paragraph (d): amended, on 1 July 1989, pursuant to section 89(1) of the Broadcasting Act 1989 (1989 No 25).