New Zealand Railways Corporation Act 1981

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Reprint as at 7 August 2020

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New Zealand Railways Corporation Act 1981

Public Act
1981 No 119
Date of assent
23 October 1981
see section 1(2)

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Treasury.


1Short Title and commencement
3Minister of Railways [Repealed]
3ARelationship to Resource Management Act 1991
4New Zealand Railways Corporation
5Transfer of property contracts and liabilities to Corporation
6Meetings of directors
7Disclosure of interests
7AIndemnification and insurance
8Corporation procedure
9General Manager of Corporation
10Delegation of functions and powers
10ADirections to carry out functions and exercise powers of Corporation
11Remuneration of directors
12Functions of Corporation
13Powers of Corporation
14Power to alter operations and services
15Financial contributions
16Carriage of passengers and goods otherwise than by rail
17Carriage of passengers and goods by water
18Carriage of goods
19Conveyance of hazardous substances and dangerous goods [Repealed]
20Power to sell goods left by unknown owner
21Power to act as agent of consignor of any goods to collect the price thereof
22Power to retain goods received for conveyance if subject to unpaid Customs duties
23Power to produce, sell, hire, and operate
24Power in relation to property
25Acquisition and disposal of shares, stock, or interest in company or business
26Power to purchase and authorise sale of liquor on railway [Repealed]
27Food and entertainment licences under Sale of Liquor Act in respect of railway restaurants [Repealed]
28Disposal of railways
29Powers of Corporation as to use of railways, wharves, etc
30Powers of Minister and Corporation under Public Works Act 1981
31Power to protect railway
31ARailway drains [Repealed]
32Certificates of title for railway land
33Lands and buildings may be leased
34Development licences may be granted in respect of unused railway land or buildings
35Grant of easements
36Capital of Corporation
37Borrowing by and loans to Corporation
37APower to enter into swaps or other financial arrangements
37BFinancial provisions relating to liability of the Crown in respect of Corporation’s debt
39Bank accounts
40Capital works expenditure programme [Repealed]
41Unauthorised expenditure [Repealed]
42Dividends on capital
43Financial statements and annual report [Repealed]
44Appointment of Board of Inquiry as to matters affecting administration of railways [Repealed]
45Corporation inquiries [Repealed]
46Safety of Corporation railways [Repealed]
47New Corporation railways [Repealed]
48Corporation may agree to work branch railway or siding in connection with railway
49Corporation may agree with companies for running powers over lines
50Railway crossings [Repealed]
51Local authorities may contribute towards cost of railway bridge or subway [Repealed]
52Lights, etc, liable to be confused with railway signals [Repealed]
53Warning devices at level crossings [Repealed]
54Traffic at level crossings [Repealed]
55Rail traffic to have right of way [Repealed]
56Employee may impound trespassing cattle
57No railways to cross Corporation railways without consent [Repealed]
58Gates and cattle stops [Repealed]
59Application of this Part [Repealed]
60Interpretation [Repealed]
61Restriction upon the carrying on of passenger services [Repealed]
62Offences [Repealed]
63Corporation to carry on passenger services within prescribed area [Repealed]
64Information for offences [Repealed]
65Hutt Valley passenger services [Repealed]
66Appointment and dismissal of officers and employees of the Corporation
67Salaries and conditions of employment [Repealed]
68Application of State Services Conditions of Employment Act 1977 [Repealed]
69Application of State Services Act 1962 [Repealed]
70Labour Relations Act 1987 not to apply [Repealed]
71Officers and employees of New Zealand Government Railways [Repealed]
72Superannuation of officers and employees
73Classification of Corporation [Repealed]
74Right of workers to become members of service organisations [Repealed]
74APreference to be obtained only by virtue of service organisation membership clause [Repealed]
74BObligatory rules concerning service organisation membership clauses [Repealed]
74CImplementation of ballot where determinations contain service organisation membership clause [Repealed]
74DImplementation of ballot where determinations do not contain service organisation membership clause [Repealed]
74EPower to make consequential amendments to determination [Repealed]
74FExplanatory note in relation to expiry of service organisation membership clause [Repealed]
74GInsertion of service organisation membership clause in determination to which 2 or more service organisations are parties [Repealed]
74HNotice to Registrar [Repealed]
74IConduct of ballot [Repealed]
74JRestriction on issue of certificates [Repealed]
74KOffences in relation to ballots [Repealed]
74LApplications for inquiries [Repealed]
74MInquiries into ballots [Repealed]
74NBallot papers, etc, to be preserved [Repealed]
74OEnforcement of service organisation membership clauses [Repealed]
74PApplication for exemption from membership of service organisation [Repealed]
74QIntervention by other service organisations or unions or central organisation of workers [Repealed]
74RDiscrimination [Repealed]
74SRight to become member of service organisation [Repealed]
75Method of appointment to Corporation [Repealed]
75AAppointment of officers under contract [Repealed]
76Limiting power of making new appointments to Corporation [Repealed]
77Officers may be transferred from State Services or education service to Railways Corporation [Repealed]
78Power to reappoint employees of service organisations [Repealed]
79Effective date of appointments [Repealed]
80Annual determinations as to suitability for promotion [Repealed]
81Engagement of apprentices [Repealed]
82Indentures of apprenticeship [Repealed]
83Transfer of apprentices [Repealed]
84Establishment of apprenticeship advisory committee [Repealed]
85Positions may be filled by transfer of members already in Corporation [Repealed]
86Appointments to be provisional [Repealed]
87Provisional appointment may at any time be cancelled by Corporation [Repealed]
88Continuous review of classification and grading [Repealed]
89Review of grading [Repealed]
90Grading Committee [Repealed]
91Successful application for review of grading [Repealed]
92Railway employees responsible for damage [Repealed]
93Penalties for breach of regulations or rules [Repealed]
94Railways Corporation Appeal Board [Repealed]
95Election of members of Appeal Board [Repealed]
96Procedure as to appeals [Repealed]
97Costs of appeals [Repealed]
98Rights of appeal of members [Repealed]
98ARights of appeal in respect of enterprise units and positions for which range of rates of remuneration is prescribed [Repealed]
99Rights of appeal of temporary employees [Repealed]
100Notice of appeal, jurisdiction, etc [Repealed]
101Offence to attempt to influence improperly Appeal Board or any member thereof [Repealed]
102Regulations [Repealed]
103Interpretation [Repealed]
104Constitution and membership of society [Repealed]
105Functions of society [Repealed]
106New Zealand Railways Staff Welfare Board [Repealed]
107Meetings of Welfare Board [Repealed]
108Miscellaneous financial provisions [Repealed]
109Contracts of Welfare Board [Repealed]
111Scales of charges
112Codes of practice
113Codes of practice to be approved by Minister
114Citation and proof of codes of practice
116Penalties for damage to railways
117Certificate by Corporation to be evidence of certain facts
118Fees for preparation of documents, etc
119Authorisation of reclamation
119AApplication of certain transport Acts to Corporation
120Repeals and amendments
Reprint notes

An Act to establish a corporation to maintain, operate, and develop the services at present carried on by the New Zealand Government Railways Department and to consolidate and amend the law relating thereto