Wages Protection Act 1983

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9 Agreement as to manner of payment of wages


An employer may,—


with the written consent of a worker; or


on the written request of a worker,—

pay to that worker by postal order, money order, specified cheque, or lodgement at a financial institution to the credit of an account standing in the name of that worker or in the name of that worker and some other person or persons jointly, any wages that have become payable to that worker.


A worker may vary or withdraw a consent given or request made by that worker under subsection (1) by giving the employer written notice to that effect; and in that case, that employer shall—


within 2 weeks of receiving that notice, if practicable; and


as soon as is practicable, in every other case,—

commence paying that worker in money, or in some other manner in accordance with subsection (1).

Compare: 1964 No 58 ss 6, 9