Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986

  • repealed
  • Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986: repealed, on 1 May 2011, by section 33 of the Land Transport Amendment Act 2009 (2009 No 17)

Reprint as at 1 May 2011

Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986

Public Act1986 No 6
Date of assent30 April 1986
  • Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986: repealed, on 1 May 2011, by section 33 of the Land Transport Amendment Act 2009 (2009 No 17).


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this eprint.

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This Act is administered in the Ministry of Transport.



1 Short Title and commencement

2 Interpretation

3 Act to bind the Crown

Part 1
Registration and licensing of motor vehicles

4 Registrar of motor vehicles [Repealed]

5 Motor vehicles to be registered and licensed

6 Exemptions from registration and licensing and related fees [Repealed]

6A Production of vehicle inspection certificate

7 Applications for registration

8 Issue of registration plates and certificates of registration

9 Personalised registration plates

9A Application for personalised registration plates

9B Transfer of personalised registration plates to another vehicle or person

9C Personalised registration plates to be held by Registrar until ready to be affixed to vehicle

9D Voluntary or required surrender of registration plates

9E Certain letters and numbers not to be allocated

Licences for motor vehicles

10 Application for licence for motor vehicle

11 Duration of licences

12 Three-month licences for certain trailers

13 Issue and display of licences

14 Form of registration plates and licences

15 Replacement certificates of registration, licences, and registration plates

16 Change of use of motor vehicle

17 Unauthorised, deceptive, or obscured registration plates or unauthorised licence

Registers of motor vehicles

18 Registers of motor vehicles

19 Details of registers to be supplied to applicants

20 Notification of change of ownership of motor vehicle

21 Special provisions in relation to change of ownership of motor vehicle

22 Particulars required to be supplied by persons acquiring ownership

23 Production of certificate of registration [Repealed]

24 Endorsement of particulars of change of ownership [Repealed]

25 Fee payable in relation to change of ownership

26 Offences relating to registration, licensing, and change of ownership of motor vehicle

27 Cancellation of registration on destruction or permanent removal of motor vehicle

28 Cancellation of registration where licence for motor vehicle not renewed

29 Unregistered vehicle not to be licensed

Trade plates and trade licences

30 Applications for trade plates

31 Applications for trade licences

32 Form of trade plates and trade licences

33 Duration of trade licence

34 Issue of trade plates and trade licences

35 Use of trade plates


35A Regulations

Fees and charges

36 Land transport revenue to be paid into national land transport fund

36AA Other prescribed fees received under this Act

36A Exemption, waiver, or discount for fees or charges relating to supply of information from register

Part 2
Licensing of drivers of motor vehicles

37 Unlicensed persons not to drive motor vehicles [Repealed]

38 Learners and persons undergoing tests [Repealed]

39 Evidence in respect of register of drivers' licences [Repealed]

40 Prohibitions relating to drivers' licences [Repealed]

41 Inspection of drivers' licences [Repealed]

Issue of licences

42 Director may appoint local authority or other person as agent [Repealed]

43 Licences issued by local authorities deemed to have been issued by Director [Repealed]

44 Issue of drivers' licences [Repealed]

45 National register of drivers' licences [Repealed]

45A Medical reports on licence holders [Repealed]

46 Licences of mentally disordered persons to be suspended [Repealed]

47 Professional driving instructors [Repealed]

48 Regulations [Repealed]

48A Regulations relating to graduated licensing system [Repealed]

Part 3
Miscellaneous provisions

49 Regulations and notice deemed to have been made pursuant to this Act

50 Section 14 of Summary Proceedings Act 1957 not to apply

50A Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace

51 Evidence in proceedings

51A Delegation of Secretary's functions or powers to persons outside Ministry

52  [Repealed]

53 Consequential amendments to Transport Act 1962

54 Vesting of Motor Vehicles (Third-party Risks) Indemnity Fund in Accident Compensation Corporation

55 Consequential amendment to Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1975 [Repealed]

56 Consequential amendments to Road User Charges Act 1977

57  [Repealed]

58 Repeals and revocation

59 Savings

Schedule 1
Motor vehicles exempted from registration and licensing (including exemption from fees)


Schedule 2


Schedule 3
New Part 4 substituted in Schedule 2 to Transport Act 1962


Schedule 4
Enactments repealed

Reprint notes

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the registration and licensing of motor vehicles, the licensing of drivers, and related matters, and to replace Parts 2 and 3 of the Transport Act 1962

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: