20 Lapse or reinstatement of parliamentary business
  • (1) Any Bill, petition, or other business before the House of Representatives or any of its committees during a session of a Parliament (any parliamentary business)—

    • (a) does not lapse on the prorogation of that Parliament and may be resumed in the next session of Parliament (a session of that Parliament):

    • (b) lapses on the dissolution or expiration of that Parliament, but may be reinstated in the next session of Parliament (a session of the next Parliament).

    (2) Parliamentary business is reinstated in that next session if, after that dissolution or expiration, the House of Representatives resolves that the parliamentary business be reinstated in that next session.

    Compare: 1977 No 22 s 2(1)

    Section 20: substituted, on 17 May 2005, by section 4 of the Constitution Amendment Act 2005 (2005 No 48).