17 Matters to which regard to be given

In the performance of the Commissioner’s functions the Commissioner, where the Commissioner considers it appropriate, shall have regard, in particular but not exclusively, to—


the maintenance and restoration of ecosystems of importance, especially those supporting habitats or rare, threatened, or endangered species of flora or fauna:


areas, landscapes, and structures of aesthetic, archaeological, cultural, historical, recreational, scenic, and scientific value:


any land, water, sites, fishing grounds, or physical or cultural resources, or interests associated with such areas, which are part of the heritage of the tangata whenua and which contribute to their well-being:


the effects on communities of people of—


actual or proposed changes to natural and physical resources:


the establishment or proposed establishment of new communities:


whether any proposals, policies, or other matters, the consideration of which is within the Commissioner’s functions, are likely to—


result in or increase pollution; or


result in the occurrence, or increase the chances of occurrence, of natural hazards or hazardous substances; or


result in the introduction of species or genotypes not previously present within New Zealand (including the territorial sea); or


have features, the environmental effects of which are not certain, and the potential impact of which is such as to warrant further investigation in order to determine the environmental impact of the proposal, policy, or other matter; or


result in the allocation or depletion of any natural and physical resources in a way or at a rate that will prevent the renewal by natural processes of the resources or will not enable an orderly transition to other materials:


all reasonably foreseeable effects of any such proposal, policy, or other matter on the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, short term or long term, direct or indirect, or cumulative:


alternative means or methods of implementing or providing for any such proposal, policy, or matter in all or any of its aspects, including the consideration, where appropriate, of alternative sites.