17N Effect of general policies, conservation management strategies, and management plans


Every statement of general policy approved under section 17B(3)(m) or section 17C, every conservation management strategy, and every conservation management plan, freshwater fisheries management plan, and sports fish and game management plan shall have effect on and from the date on which it is approved, or on such later date as may be specified in that behalf in the statement or strategy or plan.


No such statement or strategy or plan shall restrict or affect the exercise of any legal right or power by any person other than the Minister or the Director-General or any Fish and Game Council.




Every such statement, strategy, and plan shall be available for public inspection during ordinary office hours at the Department’s Head Office, and at such other places as the Director-General thinks its public availability is desirable.


Sports fish and game management plans, and policies relating to sports fish and game that are general policies or are established by the New Zealand Fish and Game Council, shall be available at the offices of the New Zealand Fish and Game Council and the Fish and Game Councils affected by them.


Where any such strategy or plan or any review or amendment of any such strategy or plan is approved, the Fish and Game Council that prepared, reviewed, or amended the sports fish and game management plan, or the Director-General in the case of any other strategy or plan, must give public notice of the approval, specifying the offices or places at which the strategy or plan, or reviewed or amended strategy or plan, can be inspected; and section 49(1) applies as if the notice were required to be given by the Minister.

Section 17N: inserted, on 10 April 1990, by section 13(1) of the Conservation Law Reform Act 1990 (1990 No 31).

Section 17N(3): repealed, on 1 July 1996, by section 6 of the Conservation Amendment Act 1996 (1996 No 1).

Section 17N(6): substituted, on 3 June 1998, by section 2 of the Conservation Amendment Act 1998 (1998 No 33).